The Perfect Two (on hold)

Jenna was a senior in high school and the school year was almost over and she bumped in to a boy and they started to fall for each other but they were both taken.something happens to their relationship when their lovers meet each other what will happens next? will they fall in love? or find someone new? you must read to find out what happens next :) (ps. sorry for the spelling errors....bare with me here lol)


5. four


I went down stairs and found a note from my mom and it said:


We went to Arizona for a while not sure when  we will be back but you cousin jenny and uncle Ben are coming to take care of you ok. I love you and be have please thank you ill call you later tonight.

                                      Love, mom

Great my uncle Ben and aunt jenny are coming over…yay…*note the sarcasm* after I read the note there was knock at the door. I opened it and it was Liam. “ok so tell me what happened?” he asked grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the couch to sit down. “Well I left to the park and waited till 4, I know crazy right, and he didn’t show” tears started going down my cheeks. “Then I went to his houses….*sniff* his mom let me inside. I went to his room and I saw…..*sniff* I saw…” I started sobbing and more tears fell from my eyes. “Jenna, what did you see?” I looked up at him and said “I saw…. I saw Chris and Danielle kissing and they told each other ‘I love you’ and Chris tried to explain but I didn’t want to speak to him at all so I told him we are over.” Liam’s eyes started to get watery and he hugged me tight and I hugged him back. We ended up falling asleep lying on the couch, his head on the pillow and my head on his chest. I woke up in Liam’s arms; I looked at him and smiled. He looks adorable, cute and…. Wait am I saying… we are just friends, he probably doesn’t feel the same way I do… does he? Well anyways I got up and made us pancakes and eggs. When I finished I put them on plates and set them on the table, I poured two glasses of OJ and put them next to the plates. I went back to the living room and Liam’s still asleep, so I went up to him and whispered in his ear and lightly shook him awake. “wake up sleepy head I made breakfast and its ready.” He moaned and he slowly began to wake up and stretched. “Good morning” he said smiling. I smiled back and said “good morning breakfast is ready. Let’s go!” he laughed and followed “so what do you want to do today?” he asked. “I’m not sure, how …. About-“ I jump up and say, “-lets go to the movies!!” “Alright let’s go!” he was about to get up but I stopped him “Liam don’t you think we should finish out breakfast first?” I laughed and he said “right I think that would be a wonderful idea.” He sat down and ate. Once we were finished we ran upstairs and got dressed. I wore a red flannel shirt with light brown pants and red converse. I brushed my hair out, put my bangs to the left side of my face and let my hair be wavy on its own. I grabbed my purse and keys and went down stairs to wait for Liam. 2 minutes later Liam came down and he was wearing dark grey baseball tee, with dark grey pants with his white converse, and may I add he looks really cute. “Liam are you ready?” “Yup let’s go!” we got to the car and Liam stopped me and opened the door. “Thank you Liam” he smiled and said “you’re welcome” once we got in the car, we drove to the movies. Liam got the tickets and handed me one. I looked at it and it was to see paranormal activity 4. I looked up at him and said “Liam we can’t watch this” he looked at me and said “why?” I looked down and said quietly so he won’t hear “because I’m scared…” he lifted up my head and said “what did you say love?” I looked him in the eyes and said “I’m scared ok… I know I’m gonna have really bad night mares that’s what happens when I watch any scary movie.” He smiled and said “well you have me to be there with you and trust me if anything happens I’ll protect you. I promise.” I smiled and hugged him and said “thanks li-li you’re the best” he giggled and said “ok now come one lets go find out seats.” We found the perfect seats; they were right in the middle of the theater. Then he told me “I’m going to get popcorn do you want anything?” I thought for a while and said “can u get me some skittles please?” he smiled and said “yeah anything else?” I smiled too and said “no thank you.” He said “ok” then he left. I was just sitting there minding my own business when someone said “Jenna? Is that you?” I look up and see its Christian. Great -_- “Chris what are you doing here?” “Well I came to watch this movie with josh (his friend) what are you doing here?” “Oh I also came to watch this movie with Liam.” “Oh, Jenna, look I broke up with Danielle and I-“ I cut him off and said “I thought you too weren’t dating?” “Oh well I’m sorry but look I love you and want to get back together” “look Chris you had your chance and you screwed it up so no.” “Ok… well can I have one last kiss? Please?” he said getting closer to me. “No now back off!” “Come on Jenna I’m sorry.” He said getting even MORE closer to me. “I SAID NO CHRIS GET AWAY FROM ME!!” now I wonder when Liam will come back.

                                                 Liam’s P.O.V

Well I got all the snacks and I was heading back to where Jenna was and I saw Chris was walking towards her and getting closer, then I heard Jenna say “I said no Chris get away from me!!” I ran to her and said “GET AWAY FROM HER!!” Chris turned around and said “well.. Isn’t it Liam? What are you doing here?” “Well Chris to tell you the truth I’m just hanging out with Jenna because YOU broke her heart by kissing MY ex girlfriend” “look I told her I’m sorry and I want her back” Chris said while putting his arm around her. Now I’m pissed so I punched him in the face. He gets up 5 seconds later and punches me back. On it’s on like donkey Kong!!

                                              Jenna’s P.O.V

Well after Chris put his arm around me, I could see that Liam was mad. Did he really care that much for me, or does he hate Chris THAT much? Well they were fist fighting and I tried to get Liam off of Chris, thank god the security came and broke them up. I grabbed Liam’s hand and took him to the car. This time I was in the driver seat. “Liam, are you ok?” “Yeah I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.” I giggled “it a little too late for that.” “But, what about the movie?” “Liam, its ok we could watch movies at home but, right now I just want to make sure your ok.” I smiled big when I said that, I think he saw that I smiled because he let out a chuckled. When we got to my house I sat him down in the living room while I got the first aid kit. I found it and I went to the kitchen and got and ice pack. I went to him and handed him the ice pack to put on his eye and band aids for his cuts. I asked him “are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?” he looked at me and said “I’m fine thanks” I looked at him and put my hands on my hips and said “Liam don’t lie to me are you hungry or not?” he laughed and said “a little yes.” I smiled and said “ok what do you want to eat?” he thought for a while and said “do you have any mac&cheese?” “Who wouldn’t!?!” we laughed and I went to the kitchen and started to make mac&cheese. When it was finished I put them in two bowls and grabbed two spoons. I went to the living room and handed Liam his; he didn’t grab it he just stared at it. I looked at him confused “li-li are you ok?” “Well… um… It’s the…spoon.” “What?” he got up and took a 2 steps away from me and said “you promise you won’t laugh?” I still looked confused but I said “yeah I promise.” He took a deep breath and said “I’m afraid of spoons.”  “What why?”  “I’m just scared because I’m not sure where they have been and I hate having that feeling, you might think I’m a freak right?” I smiled at him and said “Liam I don’t think you’re a freak, I think that it’s cute, and I totally get what you mean.” He smiled big and said “really you get me?” I laughed “yes I get what you’re saying.” “Ok, you know I’m still hungry right?” I giggled and said “yeah I know hold up let me get forks.” I went back into the kitchen and put the spoons in the sink and grabbed two forks. I came back and handed Liam the bowl and we sat down and watched toy story 2.

*a/n* hey guys sorry for the short chapter but any way i have another chapter coming up :D well i hope you guys like it see ya later  

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