The Perfect Two (on hold)

Jenna was a senior in high school and the school year was almost over and she bumped in to a boy and they started to fall for each other but they were both taken.something happens to their relationship when their lovers meet each other what will happens next? will they fall in love? or find someone new? you must read to find out what happens next :) (ps. sorry for the spelling errors....bare with me here lol)


4. A/N

hey guys just to tell you i don't hate Danielle i love her and i like that she's going out with liam. and when i put the "haha get it" at the end of chapter 3. i hope some of you got it but what i meant was its from the song 'everything about you' when harry says "on the other side of the world it don't matter ill be there in two, ill be there in two,ill be there in two" so yeah... well i hope you guys enjoy it :D 


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