1: Bieber

All I could hear in my head was that one name. It felt like I had been forced to hear it replay in my head for years.
Bieber. Bieber. Bieber.
It never stopped and perhaps it never will...
It always brought trouble, yet it always brought happiness..
Will it ever end?
© 2012 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


16. Chapter 16


I waved to Justin as he drove off down the road. In truth, I never wanted him to leave because I had such a good time with him. He just makes me feel happy, and safe.

My hand reached up to tuck a strand of hair behind my ear as I quietly opened the door. When I walked into the living room I saw my mother sitting on the couch reading a magazine. Why isn’t she getting all mad at me for sneaking out?

I kicked my boots off of my feet. “Uh, hi mom.” I whispered.

She turned her head, smiled at me, then returned to her magazine.

What the hell? “Um, everything alright?”

She nodded with the same unusual smile.

I snaked my way over to the couch to sit next to her. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, everything’s just perfect!” She said with too much enthusiasm to pass as a true statement.

I tilted my head to the side in confusion. “No, seriously, what’s wrong? I just snuck out and everything and you don’t even care.”

She sighed and practically chucked her magazine across the room. “Oh, Peyton. That’s the least of our problems right now; I don’t think anyone could ever care about what you’ve been doing.”

Ouch. Something bad must have happened. “Uh,”

“Look,” she snapped as she grabbed my hands with hers. “Your father and I haven’t really been getting along well. During our ‘trip’, there were a lot of weird things happening and we kept blaming them on each other. I tried to make amends during dinner tonight, but it looks like things just aren’t going to work out.”

I felt my lip quiver a little. “What does that mean?”

“We’re filing for a divorce.”

Then I felt the tears in my eyes. “What? No! We’re supposed to be a happy family forever!” I shrieked and stood up abruptly.

My mother sat there showing no emotion.

And you don’t even give a shit!” I spat.

This seemed to trigger an emotion within her, but not the one I was looking for. She stood up and grabbed my cheeks. “You will not disrespect me that way.”

As she let go of my face, her hand brushed against my patched up shoulder. “What is this?” She ripped my sleeve off.

I winced with fear and pain. “It’s my shoulder.”

She clenched her jaw. “You’re going with your father as soon as he’s ready.”


“Your father is packing his things.” she started with a growl. “He’s called a moving van and you will be leaving with him tonight.”

“Where’s he going?”

“To live with his mother.”

In AMERICA?!” I shrieked with disbelief.

She nodded with a glare before disappearing down stairs into the basement. I immediately bolted up to my room, trying to hold back the tears. Wow this is perfect timing for all of this. I grabbed my phone off of my pillow and saw on the lock screen ‘2 new messages’.

I sniffled and wiped my nose before unlocking my phone and looking at the messages. I clicked the first one which was from, Faith, surprisingly.

From: Faith

Hey PeyPey! Everything alright? Haven’t heard from you in a while girlie! :)

I forced a tiny smile before replying.

To: Faith

Sorry. I went out tonight even though I was grounded, and when I came back my mom went all bitch mode and announced her and my dad’s divorce…

I clicked the next message which was from Justin.

From: Justin

Hey beautiful! Thanks for making tonight fun. I had a good time, did you?

This brought a genuine smile upon my lips and butterflies in my stomach.

To: Justin

Funny joke ;) Anyways, yeah I had an amazing time! But now, everything’s all sucky.

My phone buzzed with a new message from Faith.

From: Faith

Oh my god! Are you okay?! Should I come over??? Or if it’s not the best time, then tomorrow right away in the morning?! :(

To: Faith

My mom was probably mad at me for sneaking out… So I’m leaving for America tonight with my dad.

I let a few tears fall at the thought of leaving. Then my phone buzzed with a message from Justin.

From: Justin

What happened? Was it Chaz or Cole? Do you need me to come back there? Do you want to come over here?

Actually, that wasn’t a bad idea…

To: Justin

I know we just saw each other and everything… But you wouldn’t mind me coming over? I can explain everything there. 

I waited for a few minutes to hear back from both of them. Faith was the first to answer.

From: Faith

America? Are you serious? Do you want to come over… you know, before you leave? You can sneak over… :/

Uh oh… Already made other plans…

To: Faith

Uh, nah… I can ask my dad if we can leave tomorrow. Then I can hang with you for a little bit.

From: Faith

Alright. I’m so sorry love!

To: Faith

It’s okay.

After I ended the conversation between us, Justin finally responded to my text.

From: Justin

Come over, now. I don’t want you to walk though. Can I come and get you?

I smiled at how much he was caring, even though I was a complete wreck right now.

To: Justin

No it’s okay, I can walk. Be there soon.

I tucked my phone into the back pocket of my jeans and grabbed an over-sized sweater from my closet to keep me warm since it was so late. I quickly checked the hallway to see if anyone was there before I hopped out of my window, onto the tree branch and down to the ground. 

Surprisingly enough, I arrived at Justin’s within ten minutes because I now recognized the route. I knocked at his door and waited. Suddenly, the door opened and Justin pulled me inside.

“You shouldn’t have walked.” he snapped before he noticed my puffy red eyes. “What happened?” he pulled me into an embrace as I quietly sobbed into his chest.

“My.” sob “Parents.” sob “Getting a.” sob “Divorce.” sob “And I’m.” sob “Being forced to.” cough “Move to.” sob “America.”

He rubbed the back of my head soothingly. “You’re parent’s are divorcing? And you’re moving to America?”

I nodded and let more tears fall.

Justin tensed up a little bit before speaking again. “When are you leaving?”

“I’m supposed to leave tonight.” I cried even more. “I don’t even know what happened! She said weird stuff happened during their business trip and they fought during dinner and now… divorce! We’re supposed to be a happy family.”

“You don’t have to leave.” he whispered.

I raised my head up to look at him, even though I probably looked like a mess. “What?”

He let go of me and rubbed the back of his neck. “You can stay the night…Then maybe you won’t have to leave? I don’t know.” his cheeks became red.

“Do you not want me to leave, Justin?” I sniffled.


This boy will be the death of me. “Then I think that’s a good idea.” I said softly and even added a smile with it.


I hugged him once more. “Yes. I don’t want to leave you…” I trailed off.

“You what?” he pulled me away from him and looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t want to leave like my brother and Faith.” I rushed. “And maybe you.” 

“C’mon, it’s late.” Justin smiled from ear to ear and grabbed my hand, leading me to his room. “Oh, I didn’t ask but I figured maybe you’d like to stay in here?” he smirked.

I giggled. “Oh Bieber. Of course.”

He didn't bother getting into more comfortable clothes, but instead, hopped right into bed and pulled the covers over himself. I smiled faintly before following him.

I no longer felt uncomfortable sleeping in here. It felt like it was my own bed, and I felt safe. I snuggled as close as I could to Justin as he wrapped his arms around me.

I breathed in his scent and randomly blurted out. “You smell good.”

He laughed. “Do I?" he asked. "Get some sleep."

I nodded and closed my eyes.

Justin kissed the top of my head before saying. “If you sleep and don't have bad dreams it's easier to forget your problems."

“Where’d you get that from?” I whispered with my eyes still shut.

He paused for a moment before speaking. “My mom used to tell me that every night when I was little because I was scared I’d have nightmares.”

“It’s good advice. I bet you miss her.”

“I do, but I think I’ve found someone to help me through it.”

And that’s all I remembered hearing before I drifted off into a steady, peaceful sleep, in Justin’s arms. 

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