1: Bieber

All I could hear in my head was that one name. It felt like I had been forced to hear it replay in my head for years.
Bieber. Bieber. Bieber.
It never stopped and perhaps it never will...
It always brought trouble, yet it always brought happiness..
Will it ever end?
© 2012 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.


1. Chapter 1


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I slammed my locker and walked away, leaving Max standing there with his mouth wide open. A small grin was planted on my lips because I had gotten the reaction that I wanted.

Nobody calls Peyton Barillas a bitch twice and gets away with it. 

He had gotten on my last nerve and as hard as it was, I had to break up with him. If you had been watching us over the past few months and thought we were the best couple in the world, you thought wrong. We were constantly fighting and saying things... But Max had gone too far. Way too far.

I decided that for the rest of the day I would put our incident behind me and focus on school.

I continued walking down the hall towards the lunch room with the same grin plastered on my face. As I arrived at the door to lunch, my best friend Faith greeted me with a large smile and a bear hug. I couldn’t help let a giggle escape my mouth as I pulled away.

“Peyton!” she squealed with joy. “I haven’t seen you in forever!”

It was true. Over winter break I went to Mexico, and I didn’t even see Faith once.

“I know… It’s been way too long.” I confessed as I opened the door to the lunch room walking inside, Faith following.

“I agree. I couldn’t stand being without you any longer.” she sighed.

I giggled. “Have you been watching too many cheesy movies?”

She blushed. “Maybe.”

I smiled and grabbed her hand as we walked to the line to get food. I always hated school food, but it had kind of gotten tolerable. As I grabbed my food I turned around to walk back to the table but I bumped into someone; Spilling my food, all over them.

“Oh my god!” I screamed. “I’m sorry!” I reached my hand out to help the stranger up.

“Just don’t talk to me.” he said with a raspy voice.

“But let me-"

“Did you hear me bitch?” he stood up and looked at me.

His eyes were like pools of caramel that I couldn’t stop looking at, but the trance eventually faded away as I realized what he had called me. I was furious now.

“Don’t call me that!” I tried to stay calm because basically the whole cafeteria was looking at us now. “I was just trying to-“

“Don’t,” he was breathing hard now. “Talk to me.” He pushed me away and stormed out the door, obviously mad.

I was dumbfounded. I have never seen this kid at all, I spilled my food all over him, and he stormed out of the cafeteria. Jeez what a great first impression, Peyton.

“Are you okay Pey?” Faith reached out for my shoulder but I shoved her hand away.

“Fine.” I said. “Just, Fine.” And with that remark, I too, stormed out of the cafeteria in tears. I just couldn’t comprehend that another boy had called me a bitch. Yes I know it’s silly, but it hurt.

“Peyton wait up!” she called after me.

I whipped around to see Faith right in front of me. “What?” I sniffled.

“I wanna tell you who that is…” she started. “Let’s go back to lunch okay?” she put her arm around my shoulder which made me smile.

“Alright” I said.

When we had finally gotten back to the cafeteria and gotten me some new food, we sat down and Faith explained to me who that was. I took a bite out of my “pizza” as she started to talk.

“Okay so I’m guessing you’re really confused about this guy, right?” she asked.

“No, of course not.” I replied. Note the sarcasm.

She shot me a glare.

“Sorry…” I looked down at my food as she continued.

“Anyways, he doesn’t go to this school. You’ve probably figured that out on your own but I thought I should tell you that. He’s very mysterious in a weird way and he’s done bad things… BAD things…”

I nodded my head to let her know I was listening.

“I don’t want to scare you Pey, but there’s rumors that he’s killed somebody before”

My eyes grew wider.

“Yeah, it’s really scary to think of but nobody knows the actual truth. You can’t trust him Peyton. Just try to stay out of his way…” she took a sip of her Gatorade.

“But I only bumped into him… is that bad?” You’re stupid Peyton! Of course that’s bad!

“Yeah, and to add on to it, you spilled your food on him and talked to him when he said not to…” she took another sip.

I sighed. “Whatever, it’s not a big deal anyways.”

She nodded and silently took a bite of her sandwich. I mimicked her and we both ate silently for a little while. Then I realized something…

“Hey Faith?” I asked.

“Yes?” she looked up from her food.

“What’s his name…?” the question sort of came out as a mumble.

“What?” she obviously didn’t hear me…

“What’s his name? You know, the boy?” I sounded stupid.

“Oh! Why?” Stop questioning me Faith, I just want to know.

“Because.” I stated. “I want to know.”

She hesitated at first. Which made me mad and I gave her a death stare. “I don’t know his first name but everybody knows his last name…”

“Well?!” I was becoming impatient.

“It’s Bieber.”

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