1: Bieber

All I could hear in my head was that one name. It felt like I had been forced to hear it replay in my head for years.
Bieber. Bieber. Bieber.
It never stopped and perhaps it never will...
It always brought trouble, yet it always brought happiness..
Will it ever end?
© 2012 by beliebervision. All Rights Reserved.




I was laying on Justin's bed, looking up at the ceiling, thinking about everything that we went through together. 


I thought about the time I spilled food on him in the cafeteria: 

“Did you hear me bitch?” he stood up and looked at me.

His eyes were like pools of chocolate that I couldn't stop looking at, but the trance eventually faded away as I realized what he had called me.


I thought about the note on the locker, shooting a bullet through my closet door. I remembered arguing with him about why I couldn't go home, and he kissed me for the first time. 

Now, I didn't want to go home. I didn't want to do anything. I didn't feel like breathing, moving, blinking, eating...I was a wreck, just laying here. 

Justin was gone. Justin was gone. He was really gone. It kept repeating in my head, though for some reason I felt like it wasn't true. 

And four years from now, I'll find out that I was probably right. 


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