Summer '09'

Britney Grande (17) and Harry Styles (18) have been friends since they were kids. Harry and Britney almost do everything together.But everything changes when Harry starts to date Taylor Swift. Read on to find out more.


2. You what?

Britney's P.O.V

Another day of school and another day with Taylor. Great. I got dressed and put my makeup on. I walked downstairs and Jamie was watching One Direction's up all night tour while eating breakfast.

"We go Na Na Na then we go Yeah Yeah Yeah." I started singing.

"Shut it. You can sing later." Jamie said.

I sniggered and grabbed an apple. I put my bag on my shoulder and headed to the door.

"Tell mum that I left early and that I am meeting up with Danielle." I said to Jamie.

"Yeah whatever." Jamie said.

I walked up my road to Danielle's house. I knocked on the door and she answered.

"Hey I have news." Danielle said.

"Bad or good?" I asked.

"Um depends." Danielle said.

"Okay tell me." I said.

"Okay Louis told me that Harry and Taylor go out." Danielle said.

"Um okay." I said.

"Your not mad?" Danielle asked.

"Nah I mean it's Harry's life I mean I don't  like Taylor but oh well I have to live with it." I said.

"Oh that's good. Do you wanna go to school?" Danielle asked.

"Yeah lets go." I said.

We were half way to school when we saw Harry driving Taylor to school.

"Great." I said.

Harry pulled up next to us and his window went down.

"Hey guys want a ride?" Harry asked.

"It's alright we will walk." I said.

"But it's about to rain." Harry said.

"We are alright." I said again.

"C'mon hop in." Taylor said.

I just started walking and Danielle stayed behind to talk to Harry and Taylor.

"Brit wait up." Danielle said.

I stopped and Danielle caught up.


Harry's P.O.V

"What's up with her?" I asked.

"Nothing. Um got to go." Danielle said.

"Just leave her. Come with us." Taylor said.

"No she can't she wouldn't leave Britney behind." I said.

"Yeah well got to go." Danielle said.

Danielle waved goodbye then walked away.

I started the car again and we drove off. It started pouring with rain. I saw Danielle and Britney and they were soaked. I felt really sorry but Britney didn't want to come so that's her loss. When we arrived at school Louis, Liam Niall and Zayn were standing there.

"Hey guys." I said getting out of the car.

"Hey." They all said.

I grabbed my bag and walked over to them. Taylor got out and walked over to me.

"Come I wanna show you my friends." Taylor said.

"Um I wanna hang with the boys for a while." I said.

"Please it will be quick." Taylor said.

"Fine." I said.

"Talk to you guys soon." I said walking away with Taylor.


Liam's P.O.V

"What is Taylor trying to do?" I asked.

"She is up too something." Louis said.

We were standing outside the school gates when we saw Danielle and Britney walking towards us.

"Hey." Danielle and Britney said.

"Hi. How are you guys?" I asked.

"Alright. Do you know what Taylor did?" Danielle asked.

"What?" We all asked curiously.

"Harry and Taylor were in the same car and Harry asked if we wanted a ride. Britney said no and walked off and Taylor was like 'just leave her, come with us.'." Danielle said.

"Does Taylor even like us?" Niall asked.

"It seems like she wants Harry all to herself." Britney said.

"Harry will figure it all out soon." Liam said.

"So we do nothing." Zayn said.

"Haha and Taylor said that Harry meeting her friend will be quick." Niall said.

We all laughed. But I know something else is up with Britney.

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