Summer '09'

Britney Grande (17) and Harry Styles (18) have been friends since they were kids. Harry and Britney almost do everything together.But everything changes when Harry starts to date Taylor Swift. Read on to find out more.


3. What's wrong with you?

Britney's P.O.V

Harry and Taylor are still dating. Harry has missed band meeting and rehearsals. This is getting out of control. Me and the boys are trying to figure out a plan to get Harry back. The boys said I should go talk to Harry because I am closer apparently, so this afternoon I'm going to Harry's when he's not with Taylor. 

*School finishes*

"Hey Harry I need to talk to you." I said running up to him. 

"I'm about to go to Taylor's." Harry said.

"I don't care. This is important." I said.

"It better be quick." Harry said.

"What's wrong with you? Missing band meeting and practices for Taylor. Me and the boys miss you. Your not the same." I said.

"What are you walking about. I am always at meeting and practices. I haven't changed one bit." Harry protested.

"Harry. We never see you. Your always with Taylor. And when you do get to the meetings your always late. Harry you need to wake up from your little daydream in your head and come back to reality." I said.

"Are you saying I should break up with Taylor?" Harry asked.

"Yeah well we all do." I said.

"Well I love Taylor. I don't care what you or the boys think. It's my life not yours and you can't control me." Harry said walking away.

"You know they can kick you out of the band right." I said watching him turn around.

"They can't kick me out just because I go out with Taylor." Harry said walking towards me.


"No i'm not." Harry said.


"Thats fine. I don't need the boys and I certainly don't need you." Harry said. 

I stood there shocked. Harry wouldn't say that. Or would he?

"Excuse me. When you and Taylor break up you will have no friends to go to. And you know Taylor writes songs about her ex boyfriends. I have a great song for her when you guys are done. Its called He's not my style." I said shoving past him so I could get home. 

"Britney wait." Harry said.

 "No. Go to Taylor's. I don't want anything to do with you anymore." I said crying.

When I got home I noticed the boys were sitting on my couch.

"What happened with Harry?" They all asked.

"Nothing." I said wiping my tears away.

"It went down bad aye." Louis said getting up and hugging me.

The other boys joined.

"So what actually happened?" Niall asked.

"Me and Harry got into a fight and he said 'I don't need the boys and I certainly don't need you." I said.

"He seriously said that?" Liam asked.

I nodded.

"That's not like him." Zayn said.

"I guess he really likes Taylor." Niall said. 


We all looked at the door and Harry was standing there. I gave him the evils and ran upstairs.


Louis's P.O.V

"Britney come back." Harry said trying to get past us.

"Leave her alone Harry." I said. 

"Did she tell you?" Harry asked.

We all nodded.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know what to do." Harry said.

"You could of listened to her." Liam said. 

"I know. I didn't mean anything I said." Harry said.

"Are you sure Harry?" Zayn said. 

"Yes." Harry said. 

"I'll go talk to Brit." I said. 

I walked up the stairs to Britney's room.

"Britney open up. It's me Louis." I said. 

I heard some sniffles and then the door opened.

"Harry didn't mean what he said." I said.

"I don't care. If you were me when me and Harry were fighting you would know what I mean." Britney said.

I patted her back and walked out. I walked back down.

"Harry you know you kinda ruined your friendship with her aye." I said. 

"Yes. But I'm gonna make it up to her." Harry said. 





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