Summer '09'

Britney Grande (17) and Harry Styles (18) have been friends since they were kids. Harry and Britney almost do everything together.But everything changes when Harry starts to date Taylor Swift. Read on to find out more.


1. New (Famous) Girl.

Britney's P.O.V


I groaned and pushed the covers off me. Last week of school. I walked into my bathroom and had a shower. After I finished my shower I got dressed into my school uniform and then I put some makeup on. I walked downstairs and saw my mum and little sister. 

"Hows Harry?" Jamie asked.

Jamie is obsessed with One Direction. Harry and the boys haven't been to my house because Jamie would throw a spastic and probably make a fool out of herself.

"Good." I said.

"When I can I meet him?" Jamie asked.

"Hmm. Maybe like when you stop asking me." I said.

I grabbed my keys and just grabbed a drink from the fridge.

"Bye." I said.

I walked outside and hopped in my car. I turned my radio on and headed to school. When I arrived at school Harry and the Boys were talking to a new girl. I got out of my car and walked closerIt was Taylor Swift. I have always hated her.

"Hey guys." I said.

"Hey Britney. Taylor is at our school for the next week." Harry said happily.

"Great." I said sarcastically.

"Hello you must be Britney. The boys have said so much things about you." Taylor said.

"Cool." I said.

"Hey you guys have the same hair." Louis said.

"Who me and Taylor?" I asked.

They all nodded.

"No. Her hair is more um prettier." I said.

"Nah. it's the same." Harry said.

"Ok then bye." I said.

I walked off and met up with Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie.


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