Just a Bradford Bad Boy

Kim Barkel wad a normal girl she loves one direction her hobbys are Drawing, & Singing. She lives in England write in front of the house of Zayn Malik want to know more read to find out....


2. Zayn's House

             It was Saturday morning and i fianally got to go to Zayn's house. EEEKKKK i was so excited  he wanted me to come to his house at 5:00 so it gave me enough time to shower, and then i put my hair in a messy bunn and i put on a pink ruffeled blouse, and a pair of ripped shorts. It also gave me enough time to go and buy new art supplies. By the time i was done it was 2:30 so i got in my car and went to McDonalds to have lunch, and so i called up my BFF's to have lunch with me.By the time we finished lunch it was 4:00 so i went home and watched TV.

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