Just a Bradford Bad Boy

Kim Barkel wad a normal girl she loves one direction her hobbys are Drawing, & Singing. She lives in England write in front of the house of Zayn Malik want to know more read to find out....


1. OH... sorry

 I was in my bed like normal drawing lyrics, and singing to Torn really loud with my window open then I herd someone yelling at me I looked out my window and I saw Zayn Malik yelling at me. "Oh sorry am I bothering you" I said, no Zayn said "you just sounded perfect just a question what are you doing in your room??" OH I am drawing lyrics like I always do, I keep a suitcase full of art materials under my bed. Really Zayn said, yea I said its kind of weird . No it's not Zayn said in fact I have a suitcase full of art materials as well. Want to come over tomorrow Zayn said sure I said I was about to close my window but I herd Zayn yell one more time HEY!!! AND BRING YOUR SUITECASE.

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