amy styles has a famous brother HARRY STYLES.she comes to live with one direction for 4 months but she showed them her bad side that she gets arrested too much ,gets drunk alot ,is drug addict and a smoker . harry gets enough and put anger towards her but accident she saw something she wasn't supposed to see .

read more if you wanna find out


1. info

my name is Amy styles and yes my brother is harry styles .i am 18 currently and turning 19 tomorrow no one knows cause i rather have normal average day then having a birthday party .i love acting ,no one knows when i am acting and if it fake or real.well im going to live with one direction for a while like 4 months.they just came 3 rd  place on x factor and there becoming  more famous.well let me tell you  the bad side of me ,i am a drinker, smoker,drug addict.and i get arrested mostly every time i go to a club and harry knows that.

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