Saving Fred

In 1999, Fred Weasley comes back to the mortal world as a ghost to contact Harry, Ron and Hermione. To tell them that they can use the time turner to save his life before the death eater blows up the brick wall. But will they be able to save him before it's too late? Or die trying?


1. The Voices

April 1, 1999

__George's POV__

It's been about a year since Fred's death. I still don't feel any better. I miss him a lot. And now it's our birthday, it's no more fun pulling pranks with out Fred. Why did it have to happen? Why couldn't it be me?

'George? You okay?' My younger brother Ron said to me as I sat on the front steps to our house.

'Yeah. I'm fine.' I replay barley getting the wor out of my mouth. Still Ron knew that I was still sad about losing Fred and that I wanted him back. He walked away and I continued staring at the ground.

__Ron's POV__

I walked away from George thinking of what I should get him for his birthday. I was always really late with their presents, but they didn't care I continued to walk to the old Quidditch Pitch near our house. Harry and Hermione had come over to try and cheer George up, but they couldn't do it so I told them to meet me at the old Quidditch Pitch to think of a present to get him.

Once I got to the pitch I ran to Harry and Hermione. 'Harry! Hermione!' I yelled trying to get their attention. And it worked. Hermione's head shot right at me and she said, 'What is it Ron?'

'It's George!' I said as I stopped in front of them as they sat in the middle of the pitch, 'He-' I got cut off by a cold feeling in my body like something walked right threw me.

'Ron? Are you alright?' Harry asked me as I stood there frozen. 'What happened?' Hermione asked right after Harry did.

'I felt something walk threw me!' I yelped as I felt it again and this time Hermione and Harry felt it too.

'What was that?' Harry said looking at Hermione who looked right back at him.

'Well if feels like something cold just walked threw us. Most likely a ghost, but I can't say for sure most ghost don't feel this cold unless they're really sad about something that happened when they were still alive,' Hermione explained. I honestly didn't pay much attention to what he said about it.

'You think it could be Fred?' I asked her hoping she'd say yes, but I heard almost the opposite.

'No, I'm not positive. Nothing I felt represents Fred. Except...' She stopped then said, 'Did you guys hear that?'

'Hear what? I didn't hear anything.' Harry said looking around the pitch trying to find what Hermione heard, but couldn't.

'What did it sound like?' I asked her waiting for a replay also staring at Harry because his head was moving really fast.

'Well it sounded like someone whispered my name in my ear,' She replied holding onto her right ear making sure she won't hear it again.

'Because it was,' said a faint voice. Everyone froze with fear when the heard it. No one said anything tell Hermione spoke up, 'Who are you?!' She yelled at the voice we had heard.

'Don't you remember?' It asked. She shook her head in shock. It sounds a lot like- No it couldn't be! 'You should!' It hissed at us. By now I knew who it was and I was brave enough to shout, 'Show yourself!' And it did.

At once Fred appeared before us....

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