Saving Fred

In 1999, Fred Weasley comes back to the mortal world as a ghost to contact Harry, Ron and Hermione. To tell them that they can use the time turner to save his life before the death eater blows up the brick wall. But will they be able to save him before it's too late? Or die trying?


3. On the Train

__Ron's POV__

We were sitting on the train to Hogwarts when I see someone I think I know. I nudge Hermione who looked away from her book and looked at the boy.

He had white/blonde hair. Blue eyes. He was tall and skinnyish. He was wearing black and shot a quick look at us.

'Isn't that Draco Malfoy?' Hermione whispered in my ear as I nod in shock, 'Why's he in here?' Hermione asks again.

'Why are you asking me?!' I whispered/yelled at Hermione as she stared at Draco. For a second he turned his head at us, but then quickly turned it then continued to walk to the second car.

Once he was gone we stopped whispering. 'Why would Malfoy want to go to Hogwarts again? There's gotta be some reason!' I asked Hermione. I was really confused so I couldn't stay calm no matter how hard Hermione tried I won't stay calm. So she slapped me!!

'Ow! Hermione that hurt!' I yelled at her. That part of my face was as red as a cherry. And it still stings bad.

'That was the point!' She snapped at me. There was silence. No noise in our section at all. Tell we stopped. We were finally at Hogwarts.

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