Saving Fred

In 1999, Fred Weasley comes back to the mortal world as a ghost to contact Harry, Ron and Hermione. To tell them that they can use the time turner to save his life before the death eater blows up the brick wall. But will they be able to save him before it's too late? Or die trying?


2. Fred's Ghost

__Hermiones POV__

I couldn't believe my eyes! Fred Weasley's ghost was standing right in front of us! I was clenching on to Ron's hand. I couldn't let go. We were all silent. Even Fred's ghost was. He was staring at us. He knew we were scared. So he spoke, 'Here,' He said and he handed Harry the time turner. 'Go back to where the wall smashed to pieces and with this you can go back in time and save me....' And with those words he disappeared.

'Should we do it?' I asked Ron and Harry. I knew the reason why Fred was so mad at us earlier. He's a tormented spirit. He's tormented by a thought he's had ever since he's died. Then I heard this answer, 'No,' That came from Harry's mouth and I knew it.

'Ron? Please!' I begged Ron to come with me. I told him Fred was his brother and he loved him and missed him. I also told him it'd be the perfect present for George since he hadn't gotten one for him. 'Okay,' Ron said as I smiled and looked at Harry and said, 'Harry. Fred was fighting for you. He died for you! George took a killing curse to the ear for you! And you don't bother to do anything? Your sick!' I hissed and marched out of the pitch with Ron behind me.

'Do you remember where that wall exploded Ron?' I asked and Ron nodded as he ran in front of me leading the way. I followed.

'Remember Ron. We can't tell George,' I told him as we entered the Weasley's burrow. Then I heard George say, 'You can't tell George What?'

I froze. He wasn't suppose to hear that! Only Ron was! This was bad! So I quickly told George that he couldn't know what we were getting him. It wasn't a lie. It technically was the truth. After saying that to George. Me and Ron had left for Hogwarts on the train.

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