One Direction Imagines


3. The best day ever for Ari

Its saturday and you wake up to the vibration of your phone. It was a text from your best friend, Corazan.

Lets hang out today.Meet me at the beach in 30 minutes. 

You quickly get ready and run downstairs to get a quick snack. You get to the beach and find that Corazan has already found a perfect spot to tan. You put your things down and put sunscreen on and you and Corazan begin to talk and tan. 

You start to get bored and decide to get up and go for a walk. Corazan still wants to tan so you go off by yourself. As you are walking along the beach you see an ice cream stand that has italian ice. You see that they are almost out of your favorite flavor and begin to run to get there before they run out. You get there just in time to get your favorite flavor. 

As you begin to walk back you arent paying attention to whats in front of you. All of the sudden, 5 boys acciently bump into you and the italian ice goes all over you as you fall back. 

You wake up and you are on a beach towel and the 5 boys are looking over you. 

"You ok, Babe?" The blonde one asks. Your vision begins to become clearer and you realize the five boys are Liam, Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis. 

"Yeah i-i'm fine" You say trying to get up and remember what happened.

"Hey whats your name?" Louis asks

"My name is Ari." you say

"Pretty name" Harry says. You blush 

"What happened?" you ask still not remembering what happened.

"Well we kinda ran into you and you fell back and your italian ice went all over you" Liam says

"But there was a little left, it was really good." Niall says. You all start laughing.

You spend the rest of the day with them and around 4 you start to walk back to where you and Corazan were sitting. You get back and shes still there.

"Ari, where have you been?" She asks

"I met one direction and i was spending the day with them" You say as cool as possible

"Suree and i met taylor lautner" She says all sarcasticly.

"No she really did meet us. We kinda bumped into her and she was knocked out for a half hour" Zayn says laughing. You all laugh. 

You and corazan and the boys sit down and talk for a bit. Then harry and the boys get smirks on their faces and they pick you up and throw you into the water and the boys and Corazan begin to laugh.

You and Corazan hang out with the boys for another 4 hours before you both decide to leave. You give Liam your number and he gives it to the rest of the boys. Immidietly you get 5 new texts from 5 unknown numbers. 

You and the boys become best friends and hang out all the time


Hope you liked it :)

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