One Direction Imagines


4. Snow ball fight for Alex

You were sitting on the couch watching the news. You NEVER watch the news, but it was snowing out and you were hoping for know school. As you sit there looking at the screen you see your school, canceled all week. You were so excited! You quickly call your friend and you guys decide to go shopping. You are walking along and you see 5 boys having a snow ball fight and you start laughing. One of the boys goes to throw a snowball at the curly haired one but misses and it hits you instead. 

You hold your face and begin to cry. The one who threw the snowball comes rushing over.

"Are you okay?" he asks seeming concerned.

You look up a little and see its Louis, and the rest of the boys. You have stopped crying but begin to fake cry. Louis looks closer to see if you are okay and you grab some snow and throw it at him. 

"Oh its on!" Louis says with a smirk on his face

"RUN!" Niall mouths behind louis. You do exactly what niall says.

Snowballs are being thrown left and right as you, your friend and the boys have a snowball fight

You all start to laugh.

"So whats your name?"Louis asks you

"My name is alex." You say hesitantly

"Pretty name"

"So what are you doing in canada?"

"The boys and I have a concert tonight and we have had the day off." Louis replies. Of course, a concert. One of those amazing performances that you couldn't afford to get good seats to go to. 

"Will we be seeing you there?" Louis asks. You shake your head no, trying not to cry. "Why not?"

"I-I-I couldnt afford a good ticket"you say as you feel tears streaming down your face. Louis gets up and walks over to niall and whispers something to him. 

"Here you go" Louis says as he hands you 2 front row tickets and back stage passes to the concert. You give Louis a huge hug

"Thank you" You say. You and your friend go to the concert and have an amazing time

After the concert you and Louis exchange numbers and become really good friends. 

Hope you liked it! 

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