One Direction Imagines


1. New Friends

You and your best friend are going to a meet and greet and you have been preparing for this day for months. You made a scrapbook to give to the boys and at the end you put your twitter, skype, oovoo, instagram, facebook and your cell phone number.

You put on your one direction shirt and do your hair. Your friend's mom is driving you and your friend to the meet and greet. You decide to not wear make up, knowing that the boys thought make up is unnecessary. You arrive at the mall wear the meet and greet is and you and your friend jump out of the car.

You wait in line for 3 hours and then it's finally your turn to meet the boys. You get their autographs and pictures with them. Niall takes out his phone and has your friend take a picture with you and all the boys. 

Before you leave, you hand the scrapbook to Zayn and hug them all. On the way home, your friend asks about how your meeting with them went and you ask about hers. You are fangirling the whole way home.

You get home and go up stairs to your computer to talk to some friends. You go on skype and you see you have 5 new contact requests. You look at them for a second and before you can even answer one of them calls you. You answer with hesitation.

You looked at the screen and couldnt believe your eyes. It was Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry, and Louis.

"Hey babe" Zayn says. You blush.

"We love the scrapbook you made! You did an amazing job!" Liam says while holding up the book. 

"Dont you mean ama-zayn!" Louis shouts. You and the boys start laughing.

"Thanks! Wow i cant believe i'm actually skyping with you guys!" You say. You really couldn't believe that you were talking to them

You guys talk for hours and by the time your mom yells dinner your stomach is hurting from laughing so hard. You get your dinner and ran back up stairs to see they were still there except niall and Liam.

"Where's Niall and Liam?" You ask

"Niall got hungry and so he asked Liam to make him dinner" Louis said trying not laugh

"Oh i see" You say while eating, hoping you didnt look like a pig.

Niall and Liam come back and niall sees you are eating Nandos and gets jealous. The rest of the boys begin to laugh and they walk off to get their own  dinner. Niall begins to eat and you feel comfortable eating in front of the camera as you begin to talk to niall

"Y/N, I love the scrapbook you made! And I'll be sure to text you later." He says and winks at you. You cant help but blush and giggle a little

"Thanks! You and the boys are so amazing." As you say that you see the other boys around the corner laughing quietly. Niall gets up for a second to get more food and as soon as the coast is clear the boys come over to the computer. They are all whispering and telling each other things. Niall comes back and has more food and a huge bowl of ice cream.

"Lets play truth or dare" Harry suggests. You don't really like truth or dare but you decide to play since its not everyday you get to play truth or dare with one direction.

"Niall you first." says Louis, "Truth or dare?" 

"Umm.... Truth" Niall says hesitantly.

"Who do you love?" Louis asks with a smirk across his face. The other boys start to chuckle while niall sits there in silence.

"i-i-i....I love y/n" Niall says looking away and blushing

They all smirk. You sit there blushing

"I love you too, Niall" You say still blushing. The boys are still smirking. Harry elbows Niall and whispers something it Niall's ear.

"Y/N, Will you be my princess?" Niall says blushing

"Yes" You say.

"Niall has finally found his princess!"Liam says with enthusiasm.

"And I've found my Prince" You say smiling

"Awww" All the boys say.

"I love you Niall"

"I love you too, y/n"

You talk for a little more.

"well it was nice talking to you y/n but we have to go. Love you" Zayn says

You log off skype and begin to text your best friend but you just as you are doing so you get a text from an unknown number

"Meet me tomorrow at Nandos in the mall at noon. Love you xxxNiall" You quickly reply "I love you too" You realize you have the best boyfriend in the world and can't wait to see him again. 

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