One Direction Imagines


6. Love at First Sight for Claire

Imagine you were at the mall just hanging out alone and you decided to go into Claire's to get some new one direction stuff. You saw a Harry Styles pillow and just had to have it! You ran over to the pillow and just as you were reaching for it someone else did too. You looked up and so did the other person and you both met each others eyes. It was Harry Styles! You were trying  so hard to keep your cool. You have loved him ever since X-Factor

"Sorry Love, i was just seeing how i looked on a pillow." he said, still looking at you. You didnt know what to do. 

"I-its ok" you stuttered. You couldnt take your eyes off him. And his were still glued on yours

"Whats your name?" 

"Claire." You answered with no stutter this time

"Like the store. Is this your store?" Harry said. You started to laugh. His puns were so stupid but you loved it. "So umm do you want to go grab some Starbucks?" 

You are overwhelmed, Harry Styles just asked you to get Starbucks with him. You nod excitedly and head off to star bucks. 

"But first, let me get you this pillow"

You two talked for hours at Starbucks. You talked most of the time and harry just stared into your eyes and listened.

"Earth to Harry" you finally say

"W-What? Oh sorry i got lost in your eyes. I mean uhh..." Harry begins to blush like crazy 

"Its ok. I like you too." you say and cant help but look at his beautiful smile.

"Ever since i saw you standing in that store, i knew i had to find some excuse to talk to you. And when i saw you run toward my pillow i knew it was perfect. I know we only met but-"

"Lets pretend its love!" You start laughing. You couldn't help it. Your directioner instincts took over.

"No. I was wondering if you'd be my girlfriend?" He said in all seriousness

"Of course i will, Styles!" Harry sighed in relief

You two spent the rest of the day together then went back to your house for a movie date. After a few movies, You exchanged numbers and harry left.

Seconds later you get a text

Love you babe Xxx Miss you already

You smiled. You loved him so much and you would have never thought that he would have liked you back


Hope you liked it :)

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