One Direction Imagines


5. Best friends

You and your best friend Harry have been friends ever since you were 5. You talk to him every day even though he is on tour with his band. You try to skype daily. But you havent even gotten a text from him today. As you sit by the phone waiting for a text it doesnt come. You decide to text him first. 

"Hey Harry. Ready to skype? Miss you Xxx Y/N"

You wait 5 minutes but he still hasnt responded. Your phone vibrates.

"Sorry y/n  cant skype now. The boys and I are busy. Maybe later -harry"

You're a little disapointed but you understand. He is touring the world and of course hes busy. You turn on the tv and decide to watch some old videos from when you and harry were younger. You are laughing so hard that you almost fall off the couch. 

You finish the last video on that dvd and decided to watch some regular tv. You hear a noise but ignore it. Soon your eyes are covered by 2 hands.

"Guess who?" you hear.

You remember that voice and accent so clearly you quicky take the hands off your eyes and turn around.

"Harry! I missed you soo much!" You say so excited. He gives you a big hug and you give one back.

"I missed you too, Y/N!" Harry replies.

You and harry sit on the couch and you put some more of those movies on of you and harry when you were little. You and harry are laughing, remembering the silly children you were. 

"So what are you doing here?" You ask after a while. 

"Well, the boys and I are back in england for 2 weeks. So i took the earliest flight i could so i could come here and surprise you. The boys are still in america until tomorrow." You smile. You give him another hug.

"Thanks Hazza. You are an amazing friend. Love you" You say

"I love you too y/n" Harry says with a smirk on his face

You spend the rest of the day with him. You and Harry pick up where you left off like he never left.

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