Family? Friends? Aren't they supposed to be there for you? Behind my smile is a hurting heart. A heart that wants to be loved. I have no family. Except for one person. Who I haven't talked to in ages. Liam Payne. The only family I have left. But how can a depressed, lonely girl fit in with 5 famous pop-stars? I'm invited to go on tour with Liam and the rest of his band. I don't have anywhere else to go, so I say yes. I really don't fit in with the rest of the band. I smoke. I drink. And I don't think they like that. also cut, but they don't know that. I have tattoos one in paticular catches everyone's eye. This is a story of Love... Loss... And Hate. But one thing I refuse to do is... Sink.


8. Wee Little Barbie

    "What the hell did you just say, lass?!" I yelled. I was about to punch her, when someone picked me up from behind. "Let me down!" I yelled. I looked over and saw a tear roll down Niall's cheek.  "You blonde, little bitch! Get your skinny ass over here!" 

    I was kicking and trying to get to Taylor. "Niall, mate are you alright?" Louis asked Niall. I think it was Liam that was holding me back. Niall didn't answer. Louis turned to Taylor. "What did you bloody say to him?!" He yelled, and what I know it's not like Louis to yell. 

    "Get over here you blonde bitch!" I yelled. I tried to claw my way out of Liam's arms. 

    Taylor had tears running down her face. "I'm not falling for the water works, lass!" I yelled. Just then, Harry came running around the corner. Everyone stopped yelling for a moment and looked at Harry. And then we got back to yelling at Taylor. Louis and I were the only ones yelling, because Liam was trying to hold me back and Niall was really upset. 

    "What the hell?!" Harry yelled, angry. He walked over and stood in front of me. Blocking Taylor. "What the hell, Louis?!" 

    Louis stopped yelling and looked a little ashamed. I calmed down a little bit. "I would move or I will punch you in the face." I threatened Harry. 

    "Liam! Get her out of here!" Harry yelled.

    "You don't think i'm trying!" Liam yelled. 

    "Just get me away from the psycho Harry." Taylor said. 

    Harry wrapped an arm around Taylor and they walked away. Liam finally let go of me and I calmed down. Louis looked a little ashamed and Liam just looked plain shocked.

    "Niall, what did Taylor say to you?" Liam asked. I crossed my arms over my chest. 

    "She called him a 'fat ugly blonde pig'. And what I can see, Niall's skinnier than me. Now, if you don't mind, I'm have a blonde bitch to beat up." I said, I tried to walk away, but I was pulled into a hug.

    This hug was different though, I think they called it a Horan Hug. I hugged him awkwardly. He put his head in the crook of my neck. "Thank you." Was all he said. That calmed me down a little bit and I gave him a real hug. "You're a real friend."

    "If she ever gives you trouble again," I pulled away and looked him in the eyes, "Come to me. Because I really want to beat the blonde barbies arse." 

   Niall laughed. "Alright, let's get you two kids home." Louis said. Niall and I laughed.

    "Just get me out of here before I see that plastic wee barbie again and hit her." Liam, Louis and Niall laughed.

    "Let's just hope the paps didn't get any of that." 

*Short chapter, I know. Sorry my little Directioners. But I think I might delete all my stories. I might keep this one but delete the rest. PLEASE GET BACK TO ME! XX*

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