Family? Friends? Aren't they supposed to be there for you? Behind my smile is a hurting heart. A heart that wants to be loved. I have no family. Except for one person. Who I haven't talked to in ages. Liam Payne. The only family I have left. But how can a depressed, lonely girl fit in with 5 famous pop-stars? I'm invited to go on tour with Liam and the rest of his band. I don't have anywhere else to go, so I say yes. I really don't fit in with the rest of the band. I smoke. I drink. And I don't think they like that. also cut, but they don't know that. I have tattoos one in paticular catches everyone's eye. This is a story of Love... Loss... And Hate. But one thing I refuse to do is... Sink.


2. Run Along

*Piper's voice is exactly like Ashley Frangipane, or her YouTube name 'ashcolette'.*

    "Give me love like her, 'cause lately I've been waking up alone, Paint splattered tears drops on my shirt, Told you i'd let them go, And that I'll my corner, Maybe tonight I'll call ya, After my blood turns into alcohol, No, I just wanna hold ya." I sang. Liam let me stay in the guest room. I strummed my guitar that had many stickers on it. 

    I stopped when I heard the front door open. I've been at Liam's for about 2 days. I know, short time. But I am already unpacked, due to me having barely any clothes. I only take one large duffel bag and my guitar case around. That's all I really need. 

    Luckily it was just Liam. He went out to... I don't actually know where. "Hey, you wanna come have a cuppa with me?" Liam asked, peeping his head into the guest room. 

    "Um, sure." I said. I walked down stairs. Liam hadn't notice my piercing or tattoos yet.

    "What's that!" Liam yelled once I walked into the kitchen with my shirt slightly up. I changed into a large shirt. I bit my lip. 

    "It's a piercing Li. Have you never seen one?" I asked, annoyed. I have anger issues. They're not that bad, but when i'm already in a bad mood it gets worse. Liam sent me a 'look'. 

    "Sit." He demanded. I sat at one of the chairs at the table in the kitchen. Liam sat in front of me. "You need to come clean. Tell me everything." 

    "What are you talking about?" I asked, annoyed. I knew what he was talking about. Drugs. Alcohol. 

    "Don't play stupid Piper!" Liam yelled. 

    "Fuck this shit!" I yelled. I stood up and walked up to the guest room. 

    "Don't walk away from me! I'm letting you stay here!" Liam yelled. 

    I slammed my door. I mean the guest rooms door. I grabbed a crop top that showed my two tattoos and kept my leather pants on. I had a ship on my left wrist and a dove on my hip bone. I grabbed some money and put it in my back pocket. I only have about 100 pounds left. I walked down stairs.  

    "What is that?!" Liam yelled looking at my tattoos. I don't think he can see my scars. 

    "I'm going out." I slammed the front door behind me.


    I was missing one of my shoes and i'm pretty sure all my money is gone. I walked in the front door of Liam's place. It was around 9 in the morning. I closed the door quitely. I turned around and saw 4 boys sitting on the couch. One looked Mexican. One had blonde hair. One had brown spiky hair. And the last one had curly hair. I just shrugged it off and walked up the stairs. 

    "Where have you been?!" Liam asked me, from the bottom of the stairs. I turned around. He looked like my father. He was all mad and shit. 

    "Out." I answered, annoyed. The four boys looked over and walked behind Liam. "I'm going to the guest room." I walked up the stairs. I walked into my room. 

    It was destroyed. My clothes were on the floor and my guitar was on the bed. Luckily not broken. But my clothes were all over the place and the drawers were bashed. I turned around and Liam was standing in the doorway.

    "You wanna tell me what your on?" He asked. He thinks i'm on drugs? I've tried drugs before, but i'm not on drugs now. Yea, I smoke and drink and i'm only 17, but who cares?! 

    "You did this! I'm not on anything! If I was you would know!" I yelled. "I hate you!"

    I walked over and slammed the door shut, locking it. I slid down the back of the door, crying. How could he do this to me? I thought he would trust me. I picked up my clothes and put them in my duffel bag. A know came from the door. I walked over to it and opened it roughly.

    Curly was standing there. I wiped away my tears with a sweater that I put on. "What?" I asked.

    "Um, Liam sent me to check on you." He answered. 

    "Well tell him i said, fuck him." I said. I tried to slam the door, but curly put his foot in the way. He pushed the door open and walked in. "Listen, I don't know you, but I would like to. I'm Harry." He held out his hand, but I blew it off and kept packing my stuff.

    "Piper." I answered, in a rush. I put my guitar in its case. I closed it up. 

    "Liam's just trying to look out for you." Harry said

    "I can look after myself. I've been doing it for a few years now." I said. I looked in the mirror and saw that the bruise was clear. I gasped and looked for my concealer.

    "Liam!" Harry yelled. I turned around and ran over to him. I put my hand on his mouth. 

    "Please, he can't know." I got closer to his ear. "And if you know what's good for you, you could keep you trap shut." I pulled away and looked him in the eyes. "Got it?" Harry nodded. "Great, now run along." 

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