Family? Friends? Aren't they supposed to be there for you? Behind my smile is a hurting heart. A heart that wants to be loved. I have no family. Except for one person. Who I haven't talked to in ages. Liam Payne. The only family I have left. But how can a depressed, lonely girl fit in with 5 famous pop-stars? I'm invited to go on tour with Liam and the rest of his band. I don't have anywhere else to go, so I say yes. I really don't fit in with the rest of the band. I smoke. I drink. And I don't think they like that. also cut, but they don't know that. I have tattoos one in paticular catches everyone's eye. This is a story of Love... Loss... And Hate. But one thing I refuse to do is... Sink.


5. Flight

    "What do you mean we're going to LA tomorrow?" I asked, following Liam down the stairs.

    "I'm not leaving you here alone. You're 17." Liam said.

    "You still don't trust me! Oh my God, Liam!" I yelled. Liam walked over to the kitchen and I followed. "Yea, I've been in a wee bit of trouble."

    "You're going, and that's final. If you're staying here, then you do as I say." I don't have anywhere else to go, so I can't say no.

    "Fine!" I yelled. I ran back up to the guest room. My bag was already packed and all. 


    "Oh my God!" I said, annoyed. I glared at Liam. "Can we leave now?" 

    "Calm down." Niall said. I glared at him.

    "Listen lassy. I like ya, but I really don't wanna stay forever. Can we hurry this along?" I groaned. We were in the airport and Liam was saying goodbye to Danielle. She's a sweet lass. Zayn and Louis said goodbye to their girlfriends before they left.

    "Bye Dani." Liam said giving Danielle one more kiss. She was tearing up. 

    "Bye Li. I'll see ya in a couple of days." Dani said. Liam sighed and we walked off with Paul following us. I met him, Louise and her kid early today. We boarded the plane and took our seats. I had a seat next to Liam.

    Liam and I sat in silence. "What do you think of Danielle and the boys?" Liam finally spoke. We were already in the air, thank God. I'm not really big on flying.

    "Danielle's nice. I haven't really talked to her. And the boys seem.... Sweet?" I said more as a question. Liam laughed. The 'boys' are annoying and seem to.... Famous, I guess you could say. I don't really know them, but that's just the way they seem.

    "You think they're annoying. So do I, but you have to learn to live with 'em." Liam said. I looked over mu should and saw Harry and Louis play fighting. I rolled my eyes and sat back in my chair.

    "As long as they stay out of my way, i'll be fine." 

    "I'll make sure they know."


    "I like the loudness. It's make you feel alive." I said to Niall. He gave me a crazy look. I rolled my eyes and kept walking. I like loud noises. It makes me feel alive. 

    I followed Paul, not wanting to get lost in the fans. I offered to get my suitcase and guitar case, but Liam said that someone else would get it. But me being me, I refused and got my guitar. I don't let anyone else touch my guitar. 

    Niall, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Liam and I climbed into a fancy limo. "A little fancy, don't ya think?" I asked, climbing into the car. I looked over and saw a guy that Liam told me was Simon Cowell.

    Liam told me that he's pretty strict, but can be fun. He also told me that he was the one that put him and the boys together, but I already knew that. I kept tabs on One Direction when ever I could. I mean, i'm not the richest girl around. 

    "You must be Simon, how you doin?" I asked in my British/Scottish accent. My Scottish accent only shows when i'm pretty angry. My guitar was squeezed in between Liam and I. I was in the middle of Liam and Niall. 

     "Um, who is she?" He asked, any of the boys. 

     "My cousin, just try to ignore her." Liam said. On the plane he told me not to embarrass him. I huffed and sat back in the leather seat. 

*Hey, my little coconuts! How was your Christmas? Should I make an Emblem3 fanfic? Please get back to me! Love you, XX!!*

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