The Ticket That Changed My Life (1D FanFic)

It was my birthday, and because my dad is awesome, he bought me tickets to see One Direction.

I didn't think that the ticket would actually change my life.


20. The Surprise

"You're all going to a signing!" the manager announced. 

"Yay!" All of us yelled in unison. 

When we got there I sat next to Louis and rest my head on his shoulder. Before we knew it there was a massive queue. 

"Hello." Harry said to the first girl who had blonde hair and had curled it and to her friend who had straight brown hair.

"Eek! They're accent is so cute!" the blonde screamed in an American accent. 

Loads of fans screamed, there was a few boys there, but their girlfriends must have dragged them or they're fans. The line got shorter and when the line finished, we had been there for four hours. 

"I'm exhausted!" Niall complained. 

"Me too." Harry mumbled. 

"Let's eat." Zayn suggested. 

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