The Ticket That Changed My Life (1D FanFic)

It was my birthday, and because my dad is awesome, he bought me tickets to see One Direction.

I didn't think that the ticket would actually change my life.


2. Finally meeting the band

"They're here!" I screamed loudly as the doorbell rang. I jumped up and down with excitement. My Dad rubbed his ears. 

"No need to scream, you're eighteen." He mumbled. 

"So what!" I said and answered the door. The whole band was standing outside. I stayed cool, I didn't want to be another screaming 'fan'. 

"Hello." They all said cheerfully together. 

"Hiya, I am Cammie." I said and smiled. I couldn't have been more happier. I grabbed my stuff and they helped me put it onto the bus. 

We all had little rooms to stay in, I had the first room on the right. I said goodbye to my Dad and gave him a hug. He wished me luck then walked back into the house and they the bus left. 

We all sat on chairs to get to know each other. 

"You first!" They all said together enthusiastically. Obviously happy to have a girl on the bus with them that they didn't know. 

"OK. So my name is Cameron Jones. I'm eighteen, my birthday was two days ago. My parents got divorced when I was fourteen and I spent the past four years living with my Mum in Tonbridge, I have spent the past month living with my Dad because I missed him, and my step-Dad happens to be a right jerk." I informed them all, they didn't interrupt me once which was good. 

"You probably know loads about us so I don't see the point of all of us telling you about us." Louis laughed. They all nodded their head in agreement. 

"I don't stalk you!" I giggled. "OK, I did look you all up on Wikipedia once though." I finally admitting, blushing bright red. They all laughed in amusement. 

We all laughed for ages, we had a competition on who could say the funniest joke, and within an hour we were at the concert. I got to watch it from the front row on my own, it was fun though. They all gave me a wink while they were singing. Especially while they were singing "Live While We're Young" and "What Makes You Beautiful". The boys are so sweet. At the end they all mentioned me and pulled me up on stage to say hey to the fans. 

"So, we have a guest on our tour this year. Her Dad arranged her tour this year and knew his daughter was a huge One Direction fan so he arranged for her to tour with us. Her name is Cammie, and she is sitting in the front row." Harry announced and Niall ran forward and pulled me up onto stage.

Naill passed me his mic so I could say hello. I blushed bright red and spoke into the mic. 

"Hiya, my name is Cammie." I passed the mic back to Niall and he gave me a quick hug and kissed my cheek. Everyone whistled.  

When we got back to the bus they let me have a shower first and then I curled up into bed and fell asleep quickly, exhausted from all of the excitement. 


Authors note: 

Everyone that has favourited could you please like too? Thanks :) I wrote this at the end of the chapter because I hate it when people write chapters for just authors notes without carrying on the story :P EllieRay x 

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