The Ticket That Changed My Life (1D FanFic)

It was my birthday, and because my dad is awesome, he bought me tickets to see One Direction.

I didn't think that the ticket would actually change my life.


33. Confrontation

I sat on a bench while Niall got lunch. While I was sitting I saw Louis walk up to me, this time alone. I can't believe he has the nerve to talk to me. 

"We need to talk." Louis stated. 

"No. We don't need to talk. I have had enough with the heart break you have given me." I hissed at him, standing up to walk somewhere else. 

"Don't go." he pleaded. 

"Just leave me alone." I hissed and walked off. Louis grabbed my arm and pulled me around to face him. 

"I'm sorry about everything. I used you. To make my ex-girlfriend jealous, so I could go out with her again. I'm sorry." Louis apologised. Right then I felt like he had stabbed me write in my heart. In a quick second I slapped him around the face and ran off to find Niall. 

By the time I found Niall I was in tears. 

"Cam?!" He asked panicked. "What's wrong?!" 

"L-Louis u-used me." I sobbed and Niall wrapped his arm around me. 

"What a jerk." Niall mumbled. We walked back to his car and he drove us back to his place so we could eat in peace and I could tell him what happened. 

"I was waiting for you and then Louis came up to me saying we needed to speak, I told him we didn't and tried to walk away. Then he grabbed my arm and told me he used me to make his ex-girlfriend jealous so he could go out with her again." I explained, fighting back tears. 

"Zayn, Harry and Liam will kill him for that. I promise." Niall told me. 

I checked Twitter and saw fans asking for the reason why me and Louis broke up, I, of course, told them everything. 

"Good. He will get plenty of hate from that." Niall said. 

There was a knock at the door and Niall answered it. 

"Come in." Niall told them and I saw all the boys walk in, including Louis. 

"We all need to speak. Hi, Cammie." Zayn instructed. Niall wrapped his arm around me and I placed my head on his shoulder. 

"Louis. What you did was out of order." Harry said sharply to Louis. 

"I know. I said I was sorry." Louis mumbled. 

"Can I go?" I whispered into Niall's ear and he took me outside of his house. "I just don't want to be in the same room as Louis." I explained. Niall took me home then went back to his. 

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