Fame ~ A Harry Styles Fanfiction

This is the story of a girl named Rachel White and how she was abused and met a boy named Harry and how he discovered her musical talents and how she made it big.Constructive critism welcome. <333333


1. 1




                                                                 Rachel`s POV



"OWW PLEASE STOP! IT HURTS!"I screamed at my dad. That just made him slap me harder. Tears were streaming down my face and no matter how much I tried they didn`t stop. And my leg hurts really bad. "I have to go to work ."My dad yelled. he never talks he just yells. I hate him. Someday I`ll get out of here. I don`t know when but I know I will. Eventually. My dad kicked me one last time and then he left. I tried to get up but it hurt. I tried grabbing on to everything. I managed to get over to my bed but I fell two feet away from it. I grabbed onto my bed and climbed up. I layed down and I was still crying. I fell asleep a few minutes later.  I woke up about an hour later and went downstairs. I checked to see if my dad was home. Nope not yet. I decided I should escape. i`m really nervous. I went over to the door and I was hesitating wether I should open the door or not but then I heard the back door open. I quickly opened the door and ran away. I went to a nearby park and sat down. I probably looked like death or maybe even worse. There was only two people in the whole park. There was me and a boy with curly brown hair and emerald green eyes. He was HOT. He started walking over to me. Oh god.






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