All His Little Things

Emma had a rough life , after her mother died , her father started to rape her and beat her she started to self harm , then after she goes to a one direction concert and gets back stage passes . Her life changes forever.


4. The Park

I wake up to Niall's beautiful blue eyes . "Good morning beautiful" he said smiling kissing my forehead, I yawn "morning" I wrap my arms around him "what do ya wanna do today love " Niall asked "go to the park? And have a picnic" I said closeing my eyes "okay get ready it's noon already" Niall said getting up "it is!" I said jumping up grabbing clothes and running to the shower , I quickly turn it on and get in and there's a knock on the door , I grab the towel and open it , "well hello sexy!" Niall said, "what do you want" I asked politely "I need to shower" Niall said "get in when I'm done" I said closing the door then another knock "please I wanna shower with you!" Niall yelled "ugh okay! Just this one time!" I said opening the door, which I didn't really care if he saw me because I wasn't insecure about myself "I'm getting in" I drop the towel and get in then Niall comes , we finish up and get our clothes on. "Emma, I love you, will you be mine?" Niall asked "yes I will and I love you too" I answered . I walked to the kitchen and start packing stuff for the picnic . Harry comes in "hello beautiful" said Harry "um, hi?" I said packing the bags and n walks out "Niall come on!" I yelled "coming love" he said back, we walked out and walked to the park then I see a man coming towards us "hey Emma miss me?" He laughed and I grabbed onto Niall and then I notice.. It's my ex Bryce who used to torture me...
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