All His Little Things

Emma had a rough life , after her mother died , her father started to rape her and beat her she started to self harm , then after she goes to a one direction concert and gets back stage passes . Her life changes forever.


3. The Kiss...

He slowly leaned in and his soft lips pressed into mine, it was the best feeling in the world, like me and him were in our own world , just me and him no one else . "Okay that's enough!" Shouted Louie then he pulled back and softly bit my lip, "well I enjoyed that" said Niall, "me too" I said looking down blushing. "Okay, Emma truth or dare," Harry said sweetly, "um truth" I answered "okay... Ummm is it true you love Niall?," They all look at me and I started smiling and blushing and looked at Niall "yes, yes it is true." I said proudly. A big 'awwwwwwww' came from the boys then Niall hugged me , gosh I love those hugs , it's one of those hugs where you never wanna let go of, before I know it Niall and I were kissing again , "Niall I love you" I said to him looking straight into his beautiful blue eyes , "I love you too, Emma" he said, then hugged me. "Alright boys time for bed," said one of the mangers "um where am I gonna sleep guys?," I asked, Louie looked at Niall then at me, "you'll sleep with me," Niall said smiling at me. "Okay!" I jumped up happily and changed into my pjs (shorts and a tank top) "come on Emma I'm getting cold!" Niall yelled i quickly got into bed with him and pull the sheets over me and lay the opposite way of Niall and I feel warm strong arms around me then I drift off into a deep sleep.
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