All His Little Things

Emma had a rough life , after her mother died , her father started to rape her and beat her she started to self harm , then after she goes to a one direction concert and gets back stage passes . Her life changes forever.


1. One Direction Concert

Emma's POV
"EMMA GET OVER HERE NOW!" Shouted my father from his room I scarcely walk to his room and see a knife in his hand "YOU LAY ON THAT BED RIGHT NOW!" He starts removing my chlothes then there's a knock at the door "shouldn't you get that "dad" " I said with a smart attitude " don't be smart with me young lady " he said to be slapping me in the face. "What did I ever do to deserve this" I thought to myself he starts to rape me after 30 minutes he stops and I put on some clothes and walk to the bathroom and start the shower, I take out my blade and my back stage passes and my One Direction tickets and then grab my blade and start cutting my wrist deep. I quietly cry to myself thinking "its all gonna be better... Someday" I get in the shower and finish up about 20 minutes later and start to look for clothes to wear for the concert, I take out my green Supras, a shirt with the British Flag on it and some plain skinny jeans. I look at my phone an hour left till the concert I put on my make up, and put on the heart necklace my mother gave me and grab some gum and grab my phone "dad I'm leaving" I shouted to my dad "okay I'll be gone when you come back probably" he said back. I start walking to my car thinking "finally outta the house, no more being raped, or getting beat" I drive to where the concert is at and find my seat "YES!" I think to myself "in the front row." The show starts and the whole crowd is cheering "how are you lovely ladies tonight?!?!" Shouted Niall, Niall oh that boy had something special about him. They played a couple of songs then they took a break. Text from Ally ; Ally: Hey Emma how's the concert?(: xoxo I reply: it's great! Got to go text ya later bye love ya! Xoxo." Ally has been there for me threw everything! The concert started again then after 20 minutes it was over "I love you guys! Now whoever has back stage passes go met Kenny the guy over there. Raise your hand Kenny" Harry said. I quickly go over to him "hello" I said "I have back stage passes" I said "right this way ma'am" he said politely he lead me into the room where the boys were. "Well hello beautiful" said Harry "Hi love!" Shouted Louis "hey lovely" said Zayn "Woahhh who is this gorgeous young lady?" Said Niall my cheeks turned bright red "hi I'm Emma" I said shyly "well hello Emma" Niall said flirty, I blushed again . We all talked and laughed then my sleeve got pulled up and then Niall saw my cuts. "What is that love?!" He asked concerned.
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