All His Little Things

Emma had a rough life , after her mother died , her father started to rape her and beat her she started to self harm , then after she goes to a one direction concert and gets back stage passes . Her life changes forever.


2. He Knows Now...

"What is that love?!?!" He asked concerned, "oh it's nothing" I said with my voice shaking "oh man he go me" I thought to myself "babe let me see" he looked at me with worried eyes before I knew it he grabbed my wrist "oh my god love please don't tell me you cu-" I cut him off "I'm sorry!" I said he hugged me "please tell me why you did this to yourself beautiful" he said in a very lovely sweet voice, I started to explain to him about my mother my father and about me getting bullied. He hugged me tighter and said "Emma I want you to go on tour with us. Call your dad and ask him" I called my dad and asked him he said yes I can "Niall! I can come" I shouted "yay!" He picked me up and spun me around "I'm gonna go get my clothes" I said "no! You are not going back into that house!" He told me "okay" I said agreeing with him "what do you guys wanna do" Niall asked "truth or dare!" Zayn said "okay" we all agreed "Harry truth or dare" Zayn said "dare!" Harry answered "okay I dare you to kiss Louie" sure enough Harry kissed Louie and we all cheered "Niall!" Harry shouted, Niall turned his head "I choose dare" Niall said "I dare you to kiss Emma" then it all got silent and Niall looked into my eyes and slowly leaned in...
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