All His Little Things

Emma had a rough life , after her mother died , her father started to rape her and beat her she started to self harm , then after she goes to a one direction concert and gets back stage passes . Her life changes forever.


5. Bryce

"What are you doing here?!" I shouted with my voice shaking &, holding onto Niall, "well, I saw you &, these guy walking &, I wanted to say hi" Bryce said. "Well go away!" I yelled at Bryce as he walked away. "Who was that?" Niall said, "oh just my ex" I said "oh alright.." Niall replyed kissing my forehead. "What do you wanna do?" I said "anything you want" he said grabbing my hand n running n he took me to a lake, "what are we doing?" I said "you'll see" he smiled n takes me to a boat "get on babe" he said as I walk on the boat &, sit down as he starts the boat and drives off, after a while of talking the sun starts to set &, we drive back to the dock, "thank you so much Niall it was so fun!" I said hugging him "you're very welcome gorgeous" he said kissing my head n walking back to the house. We get back to the house n we go up to the bedroom n get ready for bed. "Niall" I said getting info bed, "yes love?" He said "I love you" I said cuddling up to him , "I love you too" he said back . He wrapped his warm arms around me, & we both fell into a deep sleep.
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