4 talented best friends work together as dancers, make up artists, fashionistas and singers. They set out to find a job together and they're manager assigns them with a band to help. The band are on tour. The thing is, the girls have no idea that the band are ONE DIRECTION! And they have no idea how much chaos is in store for them! Follow Libby, Clover, Charley and Amelia as they set out to find the true meaning of love....


1. Meeting the Girls and getting a job!

Libby's POV

"Hey gurl heyyyyy!!!!" I yelled at my best friend Charley as I walked into work. My boss glared at me but I just smiled at him. I ran over to Charley and gave her a massive hug.
" Heyy gurl! I missed you! " she laughed as she hugged me back.
"Haha! Missed you to CC!" I replied.
I call her that because her name is Charley Colls.
" Have you seen Clover or Amelia?" She asked me.
"Yeah I saw Clover getting a coffee and here she comes now with Amelia!" I said, pointing over to where Clover was walking over arm in arm with Amelia. Those two are bestows, like I am with Charley. Sorry! Where are my manners? Let me introduce myself! I'm Libby Tomlinson! I'm 17, with blonde hair and blue eyes. I love food, people and most of all, I love dancing! It's my passion.
I can just get lost in the music and go to a complete other world. Sorry! I'm getting distracted. Let me introduce my friends. My best fariend Charley is 17 with dark red hair and green eyes. She loves clothes and is a total fashionista! I've know her since I was 3 when we met at a dance class. She fell over and I picked her up, instant best friends!
I met Clover in the park when I was 10 and we bonded over ice cream! She has long brown hair and caring brown eyes. She's kind and loving and is a hair and make-up artist. She's 16. I met Amelia at my Secondary School in year 7. We were put in partners for a Maths class and we bonded over the evilness of fractions (yuck)! She had shoulder length ginger hair and is very fun! She's 17 and Clover's best friend. Well that's everyone! We all work at Mr. Evans' Performing Arts Academy. We are the perfect 4. Today Mr. Evans said he had a new job for us. Looking after a band whilst they tour. I'll teach them dance, Charley will sort they're clothes, Clover will do they're hair and make-up and Amelia will sort out their songs. It's gonna be perfect.
"Girls!!" Mr Evans called.
Oh yay! Here we go! About to find out who I'll be spending the next 8 months with! It's gonna seem like forever.....
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