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  • Published: 22 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 4 Mar 2014
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"Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go but rather learning to start over." - Nicole Sobon

"If you didn't love him, this never would have happened. But you did. And accepting that love and everything that followed it is part of letting it go." - Sarah Dessen

"It's only after we've lost everything that we are free to do anything." - Chuck Palahniuk

"A heart is like a fragile branch, it is not hard to break." - Me <3 <3 <3

My name is Sophie Brown, I have a secret. It is only shown behind hidden and locked doors. Can you find it?


15. Meet me in the meadow

*Emilie's POV*

I didn't have my period last month. It is now the start of October. I went to the doctor and took the test, now I am just waiting for their call. They said I should get the news today. I have been all over my phone today, worried. If I am pregnant I don't know what I will tell Louis or my family. I will probably have an abortion, but I don't know if I could do that to my own baby. It was only supposed to hurt Sophie's feelings, not ruin my whole life. Well that was a major backfire. Now I can only hope.

*Sophie's POV*

Louis and I have been closer than ever, I told him everything about my past and how I was bullied. He told me how he met Harry and all of his secrets. We knew everything about each other; I wanted to be with him forever. And I would.

*Emilie's POV*

I finally got the call from the hospital.

"Hello." I answered.

"Hello, is there an Emilie Cliff there?" A nice sounding woman asked.

"Yeah, uhh, this is she."

"Ok. Umm. We have the results for your maternity test. Are you ready?"

I thought about it for a moment. I am so worried, but I will find out sooner or later.

"Yes. I am ready."

"Ok, well your test came out positive, congratulations." I dropped the phone.

I heard the woman on the phone from where I dropped it on the floor.

"Hello...Helloooo.? Ma'am are you there?" Then she hung up.

I started to cry and put my head in my hands. My mother then walked in.

"What is going on out here?"

"Mom, I- I went t-to a part-ty a c-couple weeks a-ago and I s-sslept with someone." I blubbered.

"Honey, are you in love? You have to bring him home; we want to meet this boy."

"No, mom, you didn't let me finish, I slept with him and I went to the doctors and took a test. I am pregnant." I blubbered out again.

"OH SHIT." She swore standing up and walking away when I needed her the most.

"Mommy." I kept crying out but she wouldn't come back. When she finally came out, she wouldn't even look at me.

"Mommy, what do I do?"

*Louis' POV*

I was just sitting with Sophie when I got a call. It was a blocked number, I answered it.


I heard crying on the other end. "Louis?"


"Yeah, I have some big news, and I-I don't k-k-know how t-to tell you t-t-this but I am p-p-pregnant."

I dropped the phone and started crying. Sophie looked at me.

"Louis, what is wrong?" She picked up the phone and started to talk.

*Emilie's POV*

I heard the phone moving again, as if someone was picking it up. Then I heard a voice.




"I am so s-sorry. I didn't mean for it to go this way, I just wanted to hurt you like he hurt me."


"Yeah. I have some important news that I know you’re going to hate."

*Sophie's POV*

"YOU’RE PREGNANT?" I yelled.

I stood up from my spot and turned throwing his phone at the wall watching it crash into pieces. I ran out of the house and down the street, I kept running and running until I reached my house. I passed the gaits and ran to my room, packing my stuff. I had everything ready. I ran down stairs and said goodbye to my parents. I grabbed my keys and ran out to my car. I drove to the airport and bought the earliest ticket to America. I got onto the plain after a while and then it took off.


When I reached my grandma’s house. I thanked the driver and grabbed my bags. My grandmother was waiting outside for me. I had called her previously. I walked in and lay down in her lap. She combed through my hair as I cried my eyes out.

*Louis' POV*
Today I was suppose to tell my mother and father. They are going to kill me. Sophie left yesterday and I just want to crawl in a hole for this whole situation I put her in. I cried every second of the day wondering what we would be doing right now if I hadn't done what I did that night.

*Sophie's POV*
I got a text from Jesse today.

"Hello, Soph? I heard you were back in town; would you want to meet me? I miss you so much; I would give anything to see your lovely face."

My fingers sat there not knowing how to respond. Finally I knew what to do. I clicked send.

"I would love to meet you, meet me in the meadow. Under that tree with our names carved into it."

"I sure will. I love you."

I didn't respond to that one. I told my grandmother I had to go and I would be back soon. I was going to the meadow.

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