In Your Arms , a Niall Horan Fanfiction


9. Chapter 9


-Nialls POV- 

“why ? ” i ask shocked . “are you kidding me ? tell me how would you feel when you catch the person you love with someone doing it huh ? and to make it even worse you call her ugly and a slut . ” louis hisses . ” i love you like a brother but , that was deffenetly too much ” zayn agrees “liam ?” i ask in hope , that he will help me  . “theyre right . i totally agree with them ” liam say . we leave the hospital and drive home . thats so unfair , all the lads will visit her tomorrow again . well except me !

1 week later … 

-Your POV-

Normally you dont care about what people say about you but with niall everything is different . you dont know what to do , speak with him or ignore him ?you cant make a desicion but  after a few minutes you choose option number 2 : ignore him , because he makes you feel so insecure and bad  . your thought be interrupted by your nurse whos coming in ” hello (Y/N) . how do you feel today ? ” she asks warmly . ” uh the pain is still strong , but i feel better now. “i say  ”well i have good news for you . your cousin will pick you up in an hour and you can go home ! but Stefan comes with you  and take care of you ! ” she says  . “omg thats amazin ! ” you say excited 

-Liams POV-

i sit in my room answering a few twitter questions when suddenly my phone begins to ring . ” hello ? “i ask ” Hello , this is karla maraino , im the nurse from (Y/N) . i have good news , you can pick up (Y/N) if you want “ she says cheerfully “wow thats great when can i come to pick her up ?” “ now if you want but you have to bring some clothes to change with you . “ “ok sure im on my way bye ” i hung up and pack a bag  quickly  . it contains her favorite beanie wich looks like a panda -a present from harry- , some clothes , slippers and her ray-bens , because i bet there are very much paparazzi in front of the hospital ( . i want it to be a surprise for the boys , so i dont tell them anything about it and leave the apartement quickly . a few minutes later i arrived at the hospital and i was right there are tons of paps waiting for a pic from me and (Y/N) i try to ignore them and  run inside as fast as i can so they dont get too much pics . i enter (Y/N)s room and greet her with a tight hug . “hey honey . this are your clothes go change so  we can go home ” “ok i’ll be back in 10 . “she replies and walks out with her crutches . ” Stefan rodriguez will come tomorrow morning to take care of her hes an Staff from the hospital . ” the doctor explains “ok . is there something i should know for  tonight ? ” i ask “uhm yes . one person have to stay at her bed the whole night , shes still not very stable . stable enough to leave the hospital but not to sleep alone . alright ? ” “ok thank you ”  i reply . in this moment (Y/N) comes in the room “lets go li “she says and i kiss her on the cheek ” yes . watch out there tons of paps out there ” “why are they here ?because of me ? ” “yes honey youre all over the internet and newspapers . you are the new 6th member of 1D now ” i smile. we walk outside and go as quick as she can to my car  . “the boys dont know that you come back its a surprise “i say. ” you dont know how much i missed them .  but im sceard of niall , i dont want to speak to him . ” ” yeah i understand this . you dont have to speak with him if you dont want to . ” 2 minutes later we enter the apartement and we went to the living room ,  (Y/N) a few steps behinde me ” look boys who comes home ! ” i call 

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