In Your Arms , a Niall Horan Fanfiction


8. Chapter 8


-Your POV- 

you open your eyes widely and gasp .”where am i “you look around histerically and try to controll your breath . “shh keep calm honey . youre in the ambulance we save you its all ok . we drive you to the hospital , Dr. Mayer will operate your leg and arm . ” you dont realize the words of the ambulance-man . “where is he ??? im so scared of him ! ” you cry “hes in the prison . he cant do anything to you again i promise  . where in the hospital , i will give you an injection so you can sleep and we can operate your injurys ok ? . “you nodd , then you feel a small stitch . after a few seconds you  fall in a deep sleep . 

-Liams POV- 

i sit in my room with my head in my hands , when suddenly my phone starts to ring . “Hello ” i answer the phone “hello ? i have good news  we have found (Y/N) shes alright and the man who raped her is in the prison but she has a broken arm and leg , some broken rips and countless bruises all over her body .  in this moment  Dr. mayer and his team oparate her . “he ended . “when can we come and visit her ?? ” i ask excitedly . “uhm i think now if you want . but she needs some time to wake up it can take a few hours .” he explains “ok no problem were on our way . Bye ” “bye”. i hung up and run down the stairs into the living room where all the lads are . ” They found (Y/N) !!! ” i yell . they all jump up around  laughing and cheering . “wait where is she now . is she okay ?” harry ask. “she was raped and has a broken leg and arm ,some broken rips and bruises all over her body . he said they must revive her , they operate her right now … ” i wisper sadly . “i swear to god if i catch that bastard hes dead . NOBODY tuches MY princess like that . hes a dead man hes absolutely dead . ” niall screams . “he nialler calm down . we can go visit her  in the Hospital now . lets go ” we all get ready and get in the car . we arrive a few minutes later and run in the hospital . the women at the receptions desk raises an eyebrow at us “what can i do for you boys “she ask  ” we want to (Y/N) payne please . ” zayn say “well the operation has not ended yet so please take a seat over there and be quiet .” we all sit down , twitter something , speak or do nothing .

2 hours later ….

“why does it take so long ? ” groans Harry “i dont now he sat that she has many injures ” i replie . 

1 hour later ….

“i cant take it anymore “Louis groans and walks to the woman at the reception

“sorry lady . why does the operation from (Y/N) payne take so long ? ” he asks impatient . ” there were complications ” “What ? what kind of comlications ? ” he ask worried “her heart stops beating a few times and the fractures are very complicated . now please go , i have to work . ” she says coldy  ” sorry but you are a heartless bitch  ” he says with a sassy voice . he walks over to us and tell us the news .

 after 5 hours  …

…she finally come out of the operationroom . we all stand up but the doctor stop us . “she needs rest now , please respect that you can visit her in about 3  hours when shes full awake .” “ok ”we all say  sadly not wanting so wait so long , but sit down again .finally after  3 hours we go to her room  but always only one  person can go in her room . i am the first one . i enter the room and there she lays and boy ,  she looks so fragile . ” hey honey how are you ?” i smile and hug her carefully . “i have pain . and im very scared ” she wispers weak . ” i know baby but we take care of you now he dont touch you again . i promise ” we talking a few more minutes and then i leave 

-Zayns POV- 

i enter the room and liam leaves “hey boo . im so glad i see you again . are you ok ? ” i ask softly ” yeah its just the pain . aww me too . but i bet i look horrible . urgh .”she whines . “dont say that again you look so beautiful  .” we joke around a little bit but then  i have to leave because  the other boys want to see her too . ” i love you . we will come tomorrow again to visit you . “”ok bye love you too “i give her a kiss on the forehead and then leave

-harrys POV-

i run to her bed and hug her tight “omg i missed you soooooo much . you dont go away again never ever “i say “i wont but promise you let me go out of your hug because i cant breathe hazza ” “oh yeah sure . is the pain bad ?” i ask “yes but its ok . wow hazzy whats your secret , your hair is so fluffy today “she laughs ” well , you are the only one who notice  that . and youre the only one too who are allowed to tuch my curls . ” “what a honor ” she says sarcastically “i would love to continue speaking with you but my time is up princess . luv ya bye ”  i say and  kiss her on the cheek .

-Louis POV- 

i quickly hug her and kiss her on the cheek “so gurl im here to make ya day better ” i say with a funny voice , wich makes her always laugh . like today “i missed you my crazy lou ” she says with relief in the voice “i missed you too . now , because i have you back, we have to plan a prank for the other boys ! ” “haha ok but first i want to become healthy .” she laughs . i play sad but then i  make my famous dance moves like : wich-way-we-go-ohhhhh-there-we go and so on and she cant stop laughing . ” before i forget it , i have a little bear with a striped top and a red jeans for you , then you can always remember me . ” “OMG how cuuuuuutttteeee , thank you lou you are the best gay sailor ever !! ” “awww thank you honey !” suddenly her face get dark “uhm louis can you say them outside something ?” “yeah sure baby , what is it ?”

-nialls POV-

im about to enter the room but louis stops me “sorry man , (Y/N) says she dont want to see you !” i gasp “why?”i ask 

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