In Your Arms , a Niall Horan Fanfiction


7. Chapter 7


-Your POV-

“i-i-im ok , but its a little bit cold ,  im fine and no im not hurt . i dont know when i come back im so hurt an-“you cant end the sentence because you feel that somthing hit your head with such a force that you scream in pain and collapsed on the floor . the last thing you know is that someone pick you up and lay you down on a bed , then everything is black and  you lost your awareness . 

-Liams POV-

“(Y/N) ??? (Y/N) !!!” suddenly there’s a man at the phone ” haha now shes mine , you cant help your little slut . maybe i let her go , but i want money . what about 1.000.000 $ ? “he ask ” yes everything you want !!! when do you want the money and where ? ” Zayn asks with a angry voice “calm down brad ford bad boy  . i change my minde , her body is better than any money in the world haha . when i want the money i call you , but for now i want to play with her ” with that he hung up . i begin to cry ”  its all my fault . i cant deal with the situation . i-i-i dont know what to do ? ” i cry. ” hey man . its not your fault . you go in your bed and stay calm . louis and i go to the police station  and hand in your phone , maybe they can use GPS  to find her or something like this . ” Niall says softly , but i cry even harder not wanting to do anything .

-Nialls POV-

we run to our car and drive fast to the police station  . a policeman asks what he can do for us . ” we want to speak with the  officer please its very important . ” louis say . 10 minutes later we sit on a coutch in a small room when the door swings open . and a man comes in “so boys what can i do for you . you say its important ?” he says and raise an eyebrow . ” well , i tell you the whole story . my friend liam adopted his cousin because her parents died and she dont no where to go . and she is in love with me , but we had an fight and she run away but call us 1 day later that shes okay but  suddenly we hear a scream from her and then a man tell us that he wanna play games with her  . and he wants 1.000.000 $. but first he want her body he says .” ” uhm i think i know his name he  raped many women or teen girls in the last  2 weeks . i have a recording of his voice , please listen and tell me if its the same voice . ” he says and plays the recording . “im sure thats him for 100 % ” louis hisses . ok please give me your phone we will try to locate his or (Y/N)s phone to finde her , but it takes a while , so please give me your address and Phone number so we can report us when we know where she is “. we do what he say and then drive home to tell the rest of the boys the news . i cant think of anything elsei just hope and pray that shes okay . i dont want to think that shes dead . i just cant . 

2 days later ….

-Your POV-

 you have bad headache . “where am i ??? what have i done ?”you yell but you dont get an answer . the man raped you countless times and hit you . all over your body are bruises and you cant move your right leg and left arm , it hurts too much . Why dont they try to find me ? you dont think they dont care about you , that dont fit to them . but why dont the do anything ?  ”im back honey ,  miss me ? ” the mysterious man say . ” i hate you , fucking asshole !” you hiss at him . he punches you straight in the face ” WHAT did you just say ? say it again , whore !” he yells “YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE “you yell back . suddenly you hear the door burst opend and see the police run in with guns in their hands ” GO AWAY FROM THE GIRL ” one policeman yell and hit him so he can bind him . than you loose your awareness again … 

- Man in the ambulance POV- 

We storm into the flat . im speecless when i see the thin 14-year old girl . she only wears a bra and panties and all over her body are back and blue bruises . i can imagine what he has done to her and  i want to punch him how can he do that to such a young girl ! we put her on a wear and carry her outside into the ambulance . “ok make her a infusion ! help her to breathe . ” we do what the emergency doctor  said . we find out that she has a broken arm and leg and some broken ribs . suddenly there is no heart beat anymore .”  we have to recreate her . NOW !!” 

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