In Your Arms , a Niall Horan Fanfiction


3. Chapter 3


2 weeks later ….

-Nialls POV-

I’m very excited because today are the Brits and I want to tell  (Y / N)  my feelings for her, but before I do this , I have to speake with  liam because he still  do not   know nothing yet. this is not really good because we have to go in 30 minutes. So I go up to his room and knock on the door, “Liam, I must tell you something. Can I come in?” I stutter, “Yeah sure, what’s going on buddy you’re okay?” He says warmly. We both wear black suits that looks cool. “Um, you know,” I begin “(Y / N) is a very pretty girl and I am a little bit in love with her” “Niall is 14 years old …. I’m not happy about it, but when you want to be together with her it ‘s ok for me, but I will kill you if you hurt her, “he says. “Thank you. My idea was to tell her tonight, ‘” at the Brit Awards? Niall you do not know if she feels the same for you .. ” “Yes, I know, but I must do it now” “ok then good luck, and now you move on we must go.” As we were coming down the stairs all been there and holy shit (Y / N) look great! she wears: , so  I like it very much. “Wow, (Y / N), you look  …. um gor- beautiful,” I smile. “(Y / N) going to change your outfit .” Says Liam. “Why?” She looks shocked “uh (Y / N), these shorts are looking  too short.” he says, “I do not think so, the length is fine and niall is right it looks very cute and nice ” says Zayn. “Ok well,” he sighs. “Tonight we have to keep an eye on you because you look sexy” winks at Harry. “Ok let’s go,” shouts louis.


-Your POV-


when we got to the red carpet  there were tons of paparazzi and wait to take pictures of us . Niall help you out of the car. “Thank you” You  say and  take Liam and Zayn’s hand as you  goes down the red carpet. lights flash , and many questions were asking  , “is that your new girlfriend liam” or “who is this lovely girl ” quiet Liam responds, “this is my cousin (Y / N) She lives with us “,they  make a few more photos  alone. So you stand at the end of the carpet when you realize that someone is tapping on your shoulder. “uh sorry I do not want to annoy  you but, you look very nice ” you turn around and look in none others eyes  than Cody Simpson ” that’s ok, ” I smile “sorry, how rude of me, I’m Cody and you are (Y / N), right? ” ” Yes the cousin of Liam “,” will you give me your number so we can meet us at the after show party? “He asks softly” Yes, “he gives you his cell phone so you can give him your  number.” See you later, darling “. It’s crazy Cody Simpson has called you pretty and wants to meet you! that’s cool. 2 minutes later, the boys are back, “come on (Y / N), the show starts in 10 minutes,” says Harry

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