In Your Arms , a Niall Horan Fanfiction


22. Chapter 22


-Your POV-

you put your head down and walk as quickly as possible to justins car .

“im so sorry “he sas and looks at sad “the headlines tomorrow are bad , really bad , because me and the boys have an interview tomorrow , you can imagine what the first question is ” you say “yes and im so sorry ” “no problem its not that bad management have a good story , thats for sure . “you say and smile . 5 minutes later you arrive at you apartment  ”thank you justin for the lovely dinner your parents are really nice “you say “thanks . uhm well i would hug you to say goodbye but there are paparazzi again so bye ” he says and smile “yeah right urgh bye “you reply and walk out “are you  cheating on niall , are you now together with justin ?”one pap ask “no we re not together and im still together with niall and he knows about mine and justins dinner .”you reply and run into the building . surprisingly harry waits there for you  ”hey babe how are justins parents “he ask and give you a cheeky smile “they are nice , im in big trouble hazza ” you say “why ” “there was tons of paps in front of the restaurant and now in front of our apartment too . ” “shit , we have an interview  tomorrow right ?” “yup , but i have a good story ” you answer and step out the elevator . all the boys are sitting in the living room watching a movie . “hey boys im baaacckkkk “you say and sit down beside niall but he lifts you up and lays you down in his lap .”how was dinner princess ?” “not bad , a little bit boring , how was your evening ?i have missed you ” “awww me too . boring without you “he reply and kiss you . “uhm fine i go sleeping now the interview is early tomorrow , you guys should really go sleeping too “you say and laugh .

the next morning you take a shower and get ready for the interview you wear : .  you drink the starbucks of course . 

as you arrived at the studio where the interview is you were greet by a nice young lady “hey my name is charlyne my partner is already inside , please follow me “she said and lead you to a room with two sofas . the boys take a seat and you sit on nialls lap because there you feel compfortable and calm . (LO=louis , L= liam , Y=you , N=niall , Z=zayn , H=harry , C=charlyne , B=ben )

B:good morning lets start . (Y/N) we saw nice pictures of justin and you yesterday ?

Y: yes  , we were at a restaurant with the manager of Chanel . maybe we do the   campain for the fall , together .  

C: well thats great , we thougt it was a date between you two 

Y:oh no im not intrested in justin , hes a very nice guy but not my type and i have already found my prince 

B:awww . niall you knowed about the dinner ?

N:yes of course  they asked me to come too but me and the buys were busy 

C:Liam we know you are very conservative . do you like the new job of (Y/N) ?

L:to be  honest ? yes i really like it and i support her with every desicion . me the boys and her are a big family and i love them and her job we support each other no matter what 

C:well in my opinion its a little bit sluty , i mean an underwear model , niall deserv better , because this job is not so serious .

Z: excuse me ? what did you just say ??

LO: you have no right to speak about her like that 

C:well i have and i think that shes not pretty too 

H: shes the most beautiful girl i know 

N: apologize to her nobody speak about my princess like that . and by the way you are ugly , your personality is ugly and your look too . look at (Y/N) shes gorgeous like an angel and now apologize or you loose your job at the end of the day and get a legal proceedings  because of  damage to reputation . 

the lady apologize and the boys stand up and leave the room niall takes your hand give the lady one last glare and then you two leave too . “unbelievable such an stupid bitch “zayn says angry

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