In Your Arms , a Niall Horan Fanfiction


21. Chapter 21


-Your POV-

justin takes your arm “whats wrong ???”he ask “urg i dont know can i have a little break please ?”you ask and he nodd . you walk to your dressing room where the boys are waiting . they look at you “what happend princess ?” you sit on nialls lap “i-i-i dont know . havent you watching us ? ” “ähhh nope ” they say  . you chat a little bit more with them and then  you sigh “ok i go back bye see ya later ” you say and run back to jus . “ok lets go on “you say and he smile . you start again and put your legs around his waist his hands on you ass . he leans in and kiss you .this time you dont pull away . “ok we got it , good job . thank you “tom shouts . “hey (Y/N) you did your job amazing . thank you for that ” justin says and smile ” “no problem “you reply and hug him . as you walk back to the dressing rooms the boys congrats you .you take your taxi and drive home . you walk into the apartment and went straight into the living room and sit down . “how was your job ?”liam asks .”good jus-“you say but your phone begins to ring .”hellooooo ?”you answer “hey its justin . uhm i know this sounds rediciulous but can you play my girlfriend tonight ? my parents visit me and i lied that i have one “ ” haha sorry for laughing but that is funny . urgh sure where and when ?” you ask “i pick you up in one hour ” “ok i have to hurry up then bye see ya “you reply and hung up . “haha i cant belive this . justin asked me to play his girfriend because his parents visit him . “you laugh “really and you said yes “niall said “yes but dont worry prince , i do him a favor . nothing else”you say and kiss him “now i have to get ready he pickes me up in 1 hour “you say and run away . you change as quick as possible and do your makeup . you say goodbye to the boys and kiss niall . you walk down and wait infront of the building  , justin arrives with a big black mercedes . “where are your parents ?”you ask surprised “they wait in the restaurant , you look beautiful by the way , thanks for doing this , i owe you something “he say and smile . you are amazed by the restaurant because its the most expensive restaurant in the city . you walk in and justin goes straight to a table . his parents seemed to be nice . “hello mum and dad , this is my lovely girlfriend (Y/N) “he introduces you and you smile kind and shake their hands “hello , nice to meet you “you say . and you and justin sit down .”so (Y/N) what is your job  ? “his dad ask . “well im a model . basically im an VS angel , but im not modeling for the underwear , just for bikinis and clothes . ” “wow thats cool it must be fun “his mum said . “how have you two met honey “his mom ask again “uhm well . im the cousin of liam payne , and jus and the boys recording together there we met  ,and since then i have a crush on him “you say and kiss justin , wich cost you many surmounting . “awww thats so cute “his mom reply . you two smile and he takes your hand . the rest of the dinner went well and you enjoy it because justins mum is a very kind person and his dad too. as you leave the restaurant there are tons of paparazzi and you can imagine the headline tomorrow :

Niall Horanss Girlfriend cheating !!??

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