In Your Arms , a Niall Horan Fanfiction


2. Chapter 2


-Your POV-

“I’m sorry. Liam did not want that you have to go  the orphanage, so he wants to adopt you, so you can stay with us.” He explains. He puts his arm around your shoulder, because you are crying again. “shh sweetie  do not cry  , they would not  want it, because they loved you and wanted you to be happy and not sad “, “I can not believe that I can never see them  again, but you’re right i have to continue ” you say . “I make us some tea, and we can see a movie ok ?” “Ok. And Niall?” You whisper, “Yes?” “thank you that you’re there for me, I feel better already,” he smiles and disappears into the kitchen to make the tea, you are looking for a movie for you both and and choose  Toy Story because you has always  seen  it with your parents when you were small. 2 minutes later he appears with two large cups of tea. “What we are looking at?” he asks, ” is Toy Story  ok?” “Yeah sure”, he again puts his arm around you, you have to secretly smile because niall was always your favorit one in one direction 

-Nialls POV-

I put my arm around her again and she smiled slightly. After the movie we’re talking  about her live and her parents. she  is a very lovely girl and I start to be a bit in love with her .1 hours later, the boys are back and Liam and (Y / N) have to leave to the apartment to get  (Y / N) ‘s things out of her home “So what  did you do with her ,she  was very calm  when they left the apartment” asks zayn. “Hm, we have speak about everything and watch a movie.” I replied, “and uh …  I think I’m a little bit  in love with her.” “Are you kidding? Niall she is only 14 years old. Liam is going to kill you,” says Harry. “But she’s so beautif-” I stop talking, because at that moment and Liam (Y / N) enter the apartment and liam screams “We’re back!” “not a word  to liam or (Y/N) understood?” I say

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