In Your Arms , a Niall Horan Fanfiction


10. Chapter 10


-Your POV-

you step in the living room . they all jump up  and run over to you first Harry gives you a tight hug “omg i missed my little girl here so much ” he shouts , then Zayn give you a huge hug and kiss on the cheek “me too” he simply says . louis runs over to you pick you up and runs with you to the couch “SHES MINE !!! i never let you go again ” he yells . the only one who stands at the edge was niall , and staring at you . “problem ? ” you say coldly to him . ” hey (Y/N) . do you want to come upstairs with me and louis ?” harry suggested he definitely trys to change the topic . “sure but you have to carry me hazza , the doc said im not allowed to walk up or down stairs . ” you smile “then come on my little fatso ” he says playfully and you  begin to laugh “ haha says my little pussy-magnet ! ” “awww how cuteee “louis says with a girl voice . we both burst out laughing . the others look at us , as if we are totally crazy . “now please pick me up ” you beg . he carefully picks you up bridal style and carrys you in his room . ” me and lou have a mission , we want to prank zayn ? are you on our side ?”  harry says mischievous . “yeah definitely whats the plan ?” “we will  fill paint in all his things : toothpaste , all his hair products and his shower gel ” louis explains ” i like the plan haha , but is it removable ?” “yup after a few hours of showering ” harry laughs  ”alright you distract him and i fill in the paint   . ” “you have to be quick he wants to shower soon !” “i am ,  now hurry the fuck up  or he will catch us ” . they nodd give you the paint an run away . you walk as qick as possible to zayns bathroom and start . after you ended the shampoo is bright pink , the shower gel neon green an his toothpaste black . you laugh and walk away in hazzas room . and call them to come upstairs . “misson successful completed ? ” harry asks “yes master hazza !” “okay he goes in the shower now , lets go downstairs and act as innocent as possible . ” louis tells us . he picks you up and carrys you down the stairs . he sit down and put you on his lap . we joke around and tell us storys , when finally after 50 minutes a totally angry and green-pink-black zayn appears “who . the . fuck . has . filled. paint . in . my . hair products ?” ” sry boo , i dont know , but pink is totally your colour !” you giggle . “ha ha funny . i know you three was it . that means war ! ” he shouts and run away . ” haha now we should be scared right ?” louis shouts sassy after him  . we decided to watch a film and relax a bit . it was very funny and you enjoy every second of it but at the middle of the film you begin to be sleepy . ” Louis i want to go to bed please carry me upstairs “you mumble . “yeah sure honey “he says and pick you up . he lays you down “we will stay here for the night , to take care of you ” they jump on your bed and lay down beside you . you lay your head down on Harrys chest and begin to fall asleep . the next morning you wake up and look in the dog eyes from Liam “hey honey how was your sleep ? ” he asks and kiss you on the forehead . “fine . when are hazza and lou gone ?” ”  at 1 o’clock they changed with zayn and  then we both changed at 5 o’clock . babe you should go change stefan is here any minute . ” “ok can you help me up ?” “sure” he helps you up and you walk with a limb to the bathroom . you change into :  and call zayn to carry you downstairs . ” heyyyy ” you shout excited  when you see stefan and give him a hug ” everything alright princess ? “he asks warmly , but you cant say anything , because niall is faster than you” dont call her like that , shes not your princess !” . he hisses “and im not you princess niall so fuck off  , i thought kate is your princess , huh ?” you hiss back and walk away . as you try to walk up the stairs niall catches your wrist , you try to shake his hand off and he release it , but you lost your balance and fall down the stairs . 

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