In Your Arms , a Niall Horan Fanfiction


1. Chapter 1



It’s last school lesson of today so you were a little bit tired and dont pay so much attention to the teacher , but suddenly the door swings open and your famous cousin Liam appears . the hole class begins to wisper and some girls shrieks . “So ? Can i help you ? ” your teacher asks annoyed . ” Yeah i-i-i had to speak to (Y/N) p-p-please , its important . ” “fine you  have 3 minutes ” “t-t-thank you  ” he says , you could tell by his shaky voice that he has cried .you nervously follow him out of the room . 


This would be ruin her . She looked at me confused “Li why are you crying ? ” ” Your parents …. ” i break up i cant say it ” my parents what ? are they ok ? ” she asks ” No , they have an car accident an-“she cut me off ” please dont say theyre dead . NO LIAM NO !! “she yells . i can just nodd . she collapses ” NO that cant be real this is just a joke pleas say thats just a bad joke ” she cries . 


You  collapsed on the floor  , that cant be real but he only nodds . You cant do anything than crying . Suddenly you  feel some strong arms picking you  up and carrying you out of school and put you into Liams car . ” Zayn , Harry , Louis please take care of her while im driving ” i hear liam say with a shaky voice . ” Sure ! Hey love , shhhh its ok , all will be good . I take care of you , baby  ” says a boy with a deep voice and messy brown curls . He begins to sing Isn’t she lovely , you can remember that he sang this at his audition at the x-factor , that boy must be harry   styles , but whatever that calms you down and soon you were in a deep sleep in his arms . As you wake up you werent anymore in Li’s car . you look around and your view catches a blond guy with gorgeous eyes looking at you . He smiles shyly “hey (Y/N) im niall . All the boys are out with Liam , they drive to the youth office , because he has to fill in a few documents for your adoption . ” “for my A-a-a-adoption wtf ? what is going on here ” you say confused . 

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