Irresistible -Zayn Malik Love Story-


2. Chapter 1


*Angelina's P.O.V*

"Mom! C'mon!" I begged.

"You're taking her to the signing and that's final!" My mom yelled at me very sternly. 

I sighed, irritatingly. There was no use in changing my mother's mind. It was a complete waste even arguing with her. 

"You." I pointed at my sister, Christina. "My friend. Is a spoiled brat."

Christina is 10 years old. She is a total freak when it comes to One Direction. I mean, I don't understand what's so good about them.

I walked up stairs and into my room to change my clothes. I grabbed [this] and got dressed. 

"You better be ready by the time I'm done!" I yelled to Christina as I was putting on a little bit of make up to complete my outfit. After I was done, I gave myself a good look in the mirror and then walked out the door to my bedroom and walked down the stairs. I grabbed my keys to my car that was hanging up on the key hooks on the wall in the kitchen along with the other set of keys that belonged to my parents. I walked over and stood by the door, my hand rested on the door knob. 

"Christina Anne Marie Garcia! Get your butt down stairs or I am leaving without you!" I yelled.

"I'm coming!" She yelled back as she was walking down the stairs.

I took one look at her and bursts into laughter. She was dressed up in a One Direction T-Shirt with bracelets all down her arms with the members names on them. She even had '1D' painted in red on both sides of her cheeks. She was holding her One Direction album in her hand. 

"What?" She asked me with an attitude and then crossed her arms.

"Nothing." I said in between chuckles. "Just get in the car." 

We both walked out the door and into my car. We both buckled up before pulling out of the drive way and onto the road. The signing was only a couple miles away. Not too far from the house. 

-Skip car ride-

We pulled up to the signing location and all you could see was a bunch of girls crowded around. The screaming increased the closer we got. I drove around for a couple minutes to find a parking spot to park the car. I could tell that Christina was getting impatient.

"Just park somewhere already and let me out!" She yelled.

"Okay, okay." I said as I turned into a parking lot across the street. "Calm down."

I shut the car off and Christina raced out of the car as fast as she could. 

"Wait for me!" I yelled to her as she ran ahead of me. I ran after her to catch up. I finally caught up with her when she got in line. There was a really long line ahead of us. We would be waiting here for hours.

I groaned.

"What?" Christina turned to look at me.

"We are going to be here forever." I said.

"So?" She said. "It's totally worth it."

I rolled my eyes and turned my head to watch all of the girls that were leaving after they got their copies of One Direction's album signed. Some came out crying. Tears of joy, I suspected. And some were even carried out by security. These girls are crazy. 

The line inched up a little bit every 10 minutes. We waited about 2 and a half hours before finally reaching the table that the boys were sitting at. I moved over to the other side of the table and let Christina go along the time to see them and get their signatures. It was quicker than I expected it to be. 

"Now can we go home?" I asked her when she came up to me after she got her CD. She didn't act like any of the other fans. She wasn't screaming or crying or anything like that. But I could tell that she was definitely excited. 

"Yes." She replied, very joyfully.

"Thank you." I said with a sigh of relief.

Just as I was about to turn to leave, someone grabbed my arm. Someone strong and masculine. I got a look at who grabbed my arm. Oh great. What did I do now? I thought to myself.

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