Irresistible -Zayn Malik Love Story-


1. Prologue


*Zayn's P.O.V.*

"C'mon Zayn! We're gonna be late!" Louis said and then grabbed my blanket off of me. 

I groaned and then rolled over. 

"Don't make me get Paul in here." Louis threatened. 

I shot up and was out of bed. 

"I'm up!" I yelled.

I put my hands in my hair and ruffled it a bit. 

"Where's the other lads?" I ask as I got out of bed and took off my shirt. 

"They are already in the car with Paul."

I slipped off my pants and then grabbed a new pair that was laid out on the edge of my bed and put them on. I fixed my hair and then took a quick look in the mirror. 

"Perfect." I said quietly so that only I could hear it and then winked at myself in the mirror. I grabbed my jacket that was hanging on the coat rack and then slipped it on.

"Are you ready mate?" Louis asked me.

"Ready as I can ever be." I said with a smile. Then Lou and I walked out the door and ran to car to join Paul and the boys.

"It's about time you got here." Harry muffled under his breath.

"Hey! I heard that!" I yelled at him and then playfully hit his shoulder.

I sat down on the seat next to Niall and pulled out my phone. I clicked on Twitter and scrolled through some of the tweets fans sent me. Mostly the same thing every time. "Follow me Zayn I am your biggest fan!" "You should follow me because I love you." Ect. 

Going to do a signing today in London :)x

I tweeted and then locked my phone and set it on my lap. I turned my head and looked out the window. Snow was covered over the grounds of London. We had quite the storm last night. Winter was just about here. Which meant it was cold. I didn't quite like the cold, but I could deal with it.

We drove a couple more miles down the street before stopping at a small place that was set up for us to do our signing at. 

Paul got out of the car and walked over to the doors where we were suppose to get out and opened the door a crack.

"Are you boys ready?" He asked us.

"Ready." We all chimed one by one.

Paul then opened the doors to the car, exposing us to the fans. Paul and a couple of our security guys escorted us to our table. We sat down at the five chairs that were set up at the table and began the signing. We got lots of things from the fans that they handed to us when it was their turn to see us and get their copy of Take Me Home signed. After hours of signing, we were slowly coming to an end.

I was starting to get thirsty so I stood up and walked behind the table where the water bottles were. I bent down to get my water bottle and took a huge drink out of it. Just as I was going to put the cap on my water bottle, something caught my eye. Or should I say, someone.

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