Finally Found You

This is the story of a girl of 16 years old named Fernanda and she was from Mexico. She loved 1D and her two best friends also. She had a group of funny friends in school and a normal life, but one day she buyed tickets for the concert with her friends and she realised that was also a contest for pass to meet them, so she did the contest and she won, but then it passes something in the meeting that did her life a dream. I hope you would enjoy it :)


1. The tickets

Fernanda P.O.V.

I woke up listening to the birds in the tree out of my window, I sat up in my bed a moment and  I remembered that today  is going to be the day that I waited for so long. This is the day of the sale of the tickets for 1D. I stand to take a quick shower and I go to the closet and choose some  skinny  jeans, a pair of pink Converse , a pourple t-shirt that says Irish princess and I put my light brown hair into a pony tail . I went to my kitchen and have some cereal and an apple, then I went by my way to school.

When I finally arrived, I went directly to my locker and found my friends talking about some guy that Xim meeted at the mall.  Then Cit looked at me and she gave me a sweet hug. I thought that she was happy about something so I pulled her. "Hey, what´s going on?" I said. "I have a boyfriend!" she yelled. "That´s great!" I yelled back. "Yes, yesterday Yu called me and he asked me to go outside of my house, so I did it, I saw him leaying in his car and he took me to the best date of my life, and he asked me to go outside with him!" she said very fast. "I´m so  happy for you Cit" I said to her, and I pulled her for another hug. Then Dika and Danii came  to me with big smiles. "At the final of the classes we have to go for the tickets at the mall, so I will wait for you two here." Dika said to Danii and I, she turned around and went to her biology class. I said bye to the girls and I turned with Xim for my History class,

The time passed fast and up to 2:30 we were in the line for the tickets. That´s when I saw a poster at the music store saying that it will be a 1D contest for a golden ticket to meet them at New York. That´s when I turned back to the girls and I said to them what happened, they agreed and we talk about it up to the time that it was our turn. "Hello can you give us 3 tickets for One Direction?" Dika said to the girl that was attending us. "Yes, I have only 3 together in the first line it´s ok ?" the girl said to Dika and she turn to us with a happy face. "Perfect!" Danii yelled to the girl, she nodded and  clicked sometimes the computer. We paid, she gaved to us the tickets and we went to the cafeteria.

Danii leave me in front of my house, I run up stairs, laid in my bed and quickly I felt asleep thinking about the contest. 

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