Finally Found You

This is the story of a girl of 16 years old named Fernanda and she was from Mexico. She loved 1D and her two best friends also. She had a group of funny friends in school and a normal life, but one day she buyed tickets for the concert with her friends and she realised that was also a contest for pass to meet them, so she did the contest and she won, but then it passes something in the meeting that did her life a dream. I hope you would enjoy it :)


2. The Contest

Fernanda P.O.V.

The next day I woke up and I sat on my bed for a while. I remembered what just happened the last night and I decided that i'm going to participate in that contest, the only idea of meet them makes me the day. I opened my computer and I searched for the details of it, when I found it I realized that one of the rules for join in the contest was to get the correct answers of a test in the lower time possible, and that was going to be in three days! I called Dika, I explained her that was happening  of the contest and I asked her that if she would help me. She said that she was going to come to my house to discuss about it.  

*20 min. later *

I went down stairs for have some breakfast, then I heard a knock on the front door, it was Dika, so I opened it  and she came in. "So, you were telling me about a contest, tell me more" she said walking at my side and we entered to the kitchen. I told her all what I investigate about it. "Great, of course I will help you!" she yelled leaving her cup of tea on the desk. We called Danii and she arrived soon, she join us to work about it. Hours later we had all prepared for the contest that it would be in a few days, we decided to see us in my house and have a sleepover the day of the contest. Danii and Dika lefted soon after that, so I was alone in my house. I went up stairs and watch some TV then I felt asleep.

*Three days later*

Today was the day of the contest, but it will start some hours later, so I decided to go shopping. I bought  some dresses, jeans, t-shirts and shoes. When I went back to my house it was time. I prepare some snacks and drinks, just when Dika and Danii arrived. 

We did the test and we waited for the results . "So... what do we do now?" Dannii said looking at us. Then I turned to Dika and she was  with a big smile on her face, I knew what was she thinking about. "Truth or Deal!" she yelled. Danii looked at me with a face of "I knew ", then I laughed and I nodded. That was her favourite game. "I start!" Danii yelled, she turned to Dika. "truth or dare?" she said to her. "mmm truth!" Dika yelled "Ok, I was hopping you to said dare but..." Danii said in a deep breath and I laughed. "How many boyfriends  did you have ?" Danii said with a smile expecting an answer. "You already know that I only went out with Edward and James" she said. "Ow I wanted you to said that you found another guy!" Danii said fast. I laughed by the form she said that. Then we passed like that all the night until we felt asleep.

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