Finally Found You

This is the story of a girl of 16 years old named Fernanda and she was from Mexico. She loved 1D and her two best friends also. She had a group of funny friends in school and a normal life, but one day she buyed tickets for the concert with her friends and she realised that was also a contest for pass to meet them, so she did the contest and she won, but then it passes something in the meeting that did her life a dream. I hope you would enjoy it :)


3. Lucky sweet Lucky

Fernanda P.O.V.

Few days later they announced the winner of the tickets and passages for 1D in a fan page. I set down between Dike and Dannii, then we just waited and when finally the page load. We saw a announcement that said:

-"And the final winner is.... @Fernanda_Malik1D from Mexico ! thanks all  for participate." -

I just can believe it. From all the directioners that participated for that I was the one who finally won. I was in shock. Then I turned to Dika and Dannii attacked me by the back. "Oh my GOD!, I just can belive that you won!" she yelled giving me a big bear hug.  

I was still I was still on shock. "AH" I shouted so loud as I could and  I jumped on the couch very happy.  

*Days later*

The things happen fast and before i can open my eyes  I was in  New York with my mum and the girls. We went to our hotel and I was on our suite. I got  ready with the girls in the bath. There were 7:30 so I turned to my mum. "We come until 9 o´clock mum" I said to her. "Have some fun girls, good bye" she said to us while  hug me. 


  When we were on our way to the concert but we decided to go at the mall before it start for some Starbucks coffe. When we came back to the car we realized that didn´t turn on. " Perfect!" Danii yelled to the car. "Relax Danii, we will find the way to go to the concert" Dika said to her in a big breath. We were infrot of the mall trying to call anyone but there was not signal so we decided to walk.  


It was an half and hour that we keep walking at middle of nowhere and in few minutes was going to start the concert, so we decided to take a break and we sat down on the street. "We are going to miss the concert!" Dika yelled. "What we do now?" Danii said to me with a sad face. "Just keep walking" I said standing up.     That´s when we hear a car coming toward us. "Do you need some help?" said a young boy to us."Then I realized who was he: ZAYN MALIK  oh my god i was talking with Zayn of One Direction!- okay keep calm and don´t scare him Fer. "  I  thought to myself. "Yeah, please I think we´re lost." I said to him with a smile on my face. "Well, you can come with us, but we´re going to a concert, where you´re going?" he said to me turning around to see quickly at the other boys. "Also to the concert" Danii said looking to the boy at the side with curly brown hair and green eyes named Harry. "So you can come with us!" Louis said looking at Dika with a smile and she get blushed. "Great!" I said facing to the boys while zayn got out of the van so we can enter.    The trip was full of laughter and jokes to each other, but I fell like Zayn was looking at me all the time and of course Louis and Harry didn´t stop joking  with Dika and Danii.   We arrived to a street at the back of the building of the concert . "Well girls, do you want to go backstage with us, or you prefer to stay in the crowd?" Niall said. "Well the thing is that... we have tickets in the first line" Dika said  to the guys. "Well, Yes!" I said to the guys and then Danii saw me with a smile. "So, see you later, guys" Liam said walking with the guys. "See you later beautiful" Zayn said to me while he hug me, then he turned to the other boys with a smile.     **********************************************************************************************************   Hey guys! Thank you for read my story, and I need your opinion about it, so comment  please  :D.  I will update it as soon as possible because  I´m really busy this days. Byeee thanks for the likes! xoxo :)  
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