Impossible love (15+)

Ava is just like another Directioner, being so lucky to get to a One Direction concert. But her life changes drastically when she meets Liam Payne after the concert by an accident. Follow their hard way to the happy ending they wish for, but celebrity doesn't.


5. Wow... People are crazy.

Chapter 5

I wake up to the lovely smell of eggs and bacon. I slowly open my eyes and smile as I remember last night. Then I remember everything – you know, about the part of our hot making out and the fact that we slept together, and become aware of my bed - my bed which does no longer include Liam. Where is he? Have I dreamt everything about my first kiss and our making up? My panic started to build as I climbed out of bed. As I walk to the kitchen the smell gets stronger. I sniff in and feel like I’m flying on a pink cloud. I have my eyes closed as I enter the kitchen. Suddenly a pair of lips is close to my ears and a deep, sexy voice whispers: “Good morning love.” My eyes smack open in shock and I turn around to see Liam standing really close to me. He is so close to me that our noses nearly touch. He closes the distance between us and our lips meet. I wrap my arms around his neck, and enjoy the feeling of his soft lips against mine. Then I remember I just woke up, so my breath is probably really bad. I pull away and turn my face in embarrassment and I hear him sigh. He touches my chin gently and turns my face to his and kisses me softly. I feel his tongue tip on my lips, and I only hesitate a second before letting him in. It isn’t as hot as the one yesterday, but it is still enough to make us both breathing hard when we pull away. I suddenly become aware that my mum has been watching us, disapprovingly.

     “Ava, can I please have a word with you?” she says, giving Liam a fake smile and grabs my upper arm really hard. I flinch as the pain surge through my arm and I see Liam blow himself up. I just have time to send him a pleading look, telling him not to do or say anything, before my mum pulls me out of the room and into the living room.

     “What in the whole wide world do you think you are doing, young lady?” she asks angrily, as she spins me around. I touch my arm gently, trying to soothe the pain.

     “I’m sorry, Mum! I didn’t mean for him to sleep here, but - “, I started but she cut me off.

     “Did he not want to leave? Ava, did he make you do anything you didn’t want to do? You can tell me, I promise,” she says with a terrible worried look on her face. I shake my head.

     “No, Mum! I just fell asleep, and I guess he did too,” I say, purposely not telling her the fact that I slept on top of him. She narrowed her eyes at me.

     “But Ava, you must understand that he is 18 years old, and older boys have needs. I just want to make sure that you won’t do anything too rushed,” she says, tears starting to form in her eyes.

     “Mum, please, don’t. I won’t do anything until I am ready, got it?” I say, panicking. Her eyes instantly dry and she smiles at me.

     “Good choice sweety. Now, are you hungry? Liam is actually very good at cooking…” she babbles on and on as we walk back to the kitchen. Liam sits by the table in there, and smiles at me. I have a terrible feeling that he has heard every single word. I send him an apologetic smile and sit down next to him. My mum walks to the stove to get our food. I stare at Liam as he watches my mum. I notice every inch of his beautiful face, his pointed cheekbones, and the outline of his full lips. As I stare at him, the corners of his mouth turn upwards, and form it into one of his gorgeous smiles – this one being the cocky, dirty one I had noticed he had, when we kissed. My eyes found his eyes again, and they were turned at me. We stare into each other eyes, until my mum interrupts us by putting the food in front of us, blocking my view. We eat in a very great mood but when I turn to watch at the watch, I shriek and jump up from my chair. Liam was by my side in no time, which made me smile and put an arm on his.

     “Shh, don’t worry, I’m just late for school and I’ve missed the bus. Sucks, since Lola and Sarah aren’t talking to me, so now I have to walk, which means: I’ll be late.” As I talked I rushed around the house to get all my books and stuff for school. I could feel Liam’s eyes on my back, but I ignored it. “Mum, can you drive me?” I asked her, but she was just as freaked as me; guess she lost track of time too.

     “Sorry honey, but I gotta hurry, I will see you later! Bye Liam,” she called over her shoulder as she rushed out the door. I sighed and sat down heavily on my chair. Dammit, now I had nothing to do, plus I hadn’t done my homework, because of Liam! This day just got better. I hid my face in my hands, and soon after I felt a strong pair of hands around my shoulders.

     “Let me take you,” he whispered in my ear. I laughed a bit and turned to face him.

     “I would love to, if you had a car here…” I said. He sighed and bowed his head as he realised the truth. Then his head snapped back up and he smiled at me with a little creepy smile that told me he had gotten an idea.

     “What?” I asked him as he pulled out his phone and typed in a number. He put his finger to his mouth to silence me. I pressed my lips together and watched him as he walked around the living room with the phone to his ear. He mumbled into it and I couldn’t really figure out what he was saying.

     Five minutes later he came out with a cute smile on his face.

     “There you are babe, I got you a ride that will pick you up in just a few minutes,” he said and kissed my cheek. I felt my cheeks burn as I blushed for absolutely no reason. Then he suddenly became all serious.

     “What did you mean when you said that Lola and Sarah aren’t talking to you?” he asked with a worried look on his face. I shrugged and tried to say that it was nothing, but then I really saw him and my mouth apparently decided to just blabber it out:

     “They don’t believe me or the news about us; they think I’m making it all up. Actually everyone does, that’s why I’m all alone right now…” I said and then felt the tears burn in my eyes. I blinked them away before they could ruin my make-up but of course not fast enough to hide them from Liam. He pulled me into his arms and held me tight. Then a car honked outside and we ran outside. Liam ran straight to the car, but I stopped at the sight of it. It was an Audi R8! Louis Tomlinson’s car! Holy cow, was I going to drive with Liam Payne, my world-famous boyfriend, and his friend, Louis Tomlinson, just as famous?! Holy shit. I held Liam’s hand tight as we walked to the car. I seriously couldn’t get my eyes off it. He gave my hand a little squeeze and then let go as he opened the backseat door for me, and made a sign for me to get in. I smiled cheekily at him and got in as he got into the front seat. It was beautiful on the outside. I have never had ANY kind of knowledge about cars, but it was easy to tell, it was expensive and good at showing off in. Louis turned to me and awkwardly giving me a hug. I giggled a really girly giggle and felt my cheeks flush. Liam smiled at me with a totally loving look, and then nodded to Louis and we took off.


The ride to school was so much fun! Louis was driving really fast, I didn’t really know why, since I wasn’t late anymore. I decided not to ask; he probably knew what he was doing, and to judge from the shared looks Liam and he exchanged it felt like they had some sort of plan. We laughed all the way and still were when we drove down the familiar road that lead to my school. Liam reached his hand behind his seat to hold my hand. I grab his hand and feel him squeeze it.

     “Babe, didn’t you say your friends thought you were lying? You know, about us?” he said. I could see Louis smirk out of the corner of my eye, as I nodded questioningly. Liam also nodded, but more thoughtful. I narrowed my eyes, but loosened up as the school came into view. The school looked the same as it always had; red-ish buildings and a bit darker roof, the big park with the big climbing frame and the green grass, formed in a football field. It all looked so familiar, with the children running around and laughing, but still so foreign. As the car slowly stopped and I was about to grab the handle, Liam surprised me by opening the door. I noticed a few kids turning their heads as they heard the door close. Most of the girls started screaming and run towards the car. I instantly thought of Paul, and how stupid it was for Liam and Louis to have come with me. But they didn’t even seem to notice the girls – they were probably used to it. Louis stopped the engine completely and got out as well. Liam opened my door and held his hand out for me. I took it and felt like a superstar. As soon as the girls saw me, they stopped dead and starred wide eyed at me, but only for a moment. Then they started running again. As they reached us Louis spoke up.

     “Hi! We are just taking Ava to school, since Liam had slept at her place. We’re not staying long, just to make sure she gets to class safely,” he said. As he spoke Liam pulled me closer and I felt his chest rumble as he chuckled at the strange glances the girls were giving us. At least they had stopped screaming. Then the bell rang and I instantly started to pick up my bag from the ground, but Liam held my waist so tight I wasn’t able to move. I glanced at him, giving him a questioning ‘what-are-you-doing’ look, but when my face was turned to his, he crashed his lips against mine and I could feel his tongue on my lips. Automatically I let him in and I instantly lost track of time. I could see flashes of light, probably from some of the girls’ cameras. When a voice cut out from the others we broke the kiss, only to see one of my younger, female teachers come towards us.  I knew she was a Directioner, from the bracelet she wore with all the faces of One Direction, so I wasn’t surprised when she dropped her chin the moment she saw Liam and I. Her hands flew to her messy hair and her ruined make-up. Then she shook her head like a dog and smiled a very flirty smile. She was really pretty, everyone knew that, but the way she looked at Louis was seriously creepy, and she lost all the prettiness about her. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Louis take a step towards the car as if he wanted to make sure he could run if Miss McCone attacked him. Luckily she stopped her flirting and returned to her job as a teacher, and started shooing the girls inside. Then she turned to us and we all stepped a surprised and scared step back at the sight of her mildly crazy look. Then she walked up to me and grabbed me by the arm. I flinched as the pain from her grip surged through me and Liam stepped protectively in front of me. But Miss McCone was faster and had pulled me behind her, her gaze never leaving Louis’.

     “Thank you for getting Aria to school safely,” she said with a sugar sweet voice. Louis mumbles something about it being no big deal, but I wasn’t sure; he spoke too unclear. Is body language was screaming that he wanted to get away. I saw Liam’s eyes turn that really creepy gaze on, the one that reminded me of Edward Cullen’s empty gaze. I knew, when that fire in his eyes were turned on, he was not happy, and no one – and I mean no one – should come in his way. I tore my wrist out of her grip and practically jumped to Liam. I saw Miss McCone send me a glare that told me I was in biiiiiig trouble, but I didn’t care. I actually considered pointing my tongue at her, but I guessed that would be a bit too childish. Instead I put my hands on Liam’s chest and made him look at me. I saw him fight against himself, and that intensity actually scared me a bit. I wondered for a split second if he had some anger issues, but pushed the thought away again as quick as it had come across my mind.

     “Hey, babe, look at me. If you have time, come and pick me up after school. I have to go to class now and you have to go home,” I said. His fighting gaze changed and became kind and caring. He smiled at me and bent to kiss me gently on the lips. Then he turned and gestured to Louis to get in the car. He was still focused on Miss McCone, who was standing behind me. He held two of his fingers up to Liam, to show that he will be right there. Then he turned his attention to me and pulled me into a tight hug. I hugged him back but he didn’t let go…

     “If you get any trouble you have my number. You can call me any time and I’ll take care of Liam, don’t worry,” he whispered into my ear and then let go of me. I smiled thankfully at him and winked at Liam in the car. He sent me a finger kiss and Louis kissed me friendly on the cheek before he turned and went to the car. I sighed to myself and turned too. Right behind, inside my personal space, Miss McCone stood, eyes lightning with jealousy. I smiled sweetly at her and walked right pass her. I heard her mumble something way too cruel to repeat, but I smiled at myself, thinking of how lucky I was. I thought of just ignoring her, but then I came up with something.

     “Hey Miss? I didn’t know we were allowed to curse here at the school? Oh, and you know, this fandom is a family. That means; we all stand up for each other and are happy for the ones who are so lucky to meet the boys or more… So I guess you aren’t a true Directioner?” I said and shrugged my shoulders as if it was just a fact. She had stopped walking and stared at me with wide open mouth. Then she closed it with a little plop and lifted her chin and started walking again. I laughed a bit to myself and followed her.


As soon as I walked into class the girls literally dropped what they were doing and ran to me and surrounded me. Some of them were crying or had been. Others were yelling at me that I was ugly and fat and didn’t deserve Liam and others were asking if he was a good kisser. I tried to push myself though the crowd, but they were holding me back. I rolled my eyes and answered half-hearted on most of them. That was when I realised Lola and Sarah weren’t among any of them, not with the haters or the sweet ones. I asked a girl, Stephanie, if I could get pass her. She nodded unwillingly – I knew she wouldn’t say no; she was waaaaay too sweet! I thanked her and was able to move to my seat. I surprised found out that the teacher had been yelling at us to get to our seat, but the girls had been screaming and yelling so much that I wasn’t able to hear him. I looked at my table, a bit embarrassed, because I had always been a good student. As I turned to my back to get my stuff my eyes fell upon the tables Lola and Sarah usually sat at. And right enough; there they were. They were watching me with a mixture of awe and regret. I smiled at them, determined not to stay mad at them, but they just turned their faces, looking insulted. I narrowed my eyes at them but then turned my attention to my backpack. I tried to focus on what our teacher was saying, but I couldn’t focus…

     At lunch I sat at the table I always sat by, and all of a sudden girls were surrounding me again, some of them actually pulling me by the hair or my clothes. I felt some of my hair getting pulled out, and I felt tears sting in my eyes by the pain. I tried to get pass them again, but no one would move. I started yelling for them to get the fuck out of my way, but they didn’t even seem to hear me. I couldn’t see any way out and I felt the hopelessness grow. Then I remembered Louis’ offer and I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialled his number. He picked it up after two beeps.

     “Ava, are you …” he said but his words faded out in the screams. I started screaming at the kids again, but still no one heard me. They got even more excited as they understood who I was talking to, and some tried to get my phone. One of them got hold of it and pulled it out of my hands. I turned angrily, no furious and my eyes instantly fell upon the girl who was standing with my phone pressed to her ear. She was talking in it with a high-pitched voice.

     “Hello Boobear! I love you sosososososososo much! Can you hear me, hal-“. She didn’t get to say any more; I had slapped her right across her face and leaned in close to her face.

     “Don’t you dare touch my phone again, you hear me?” I said. She nodded and started sobbing. I felt a pinch of guilt but grabbed my phone and started talking.

     “Louis hallo?”

     “Ava, Ava? Are you there? Oh, good! I’m coming now I’m getting into my car at this very moment, see if you can get out!” he said and hung up. I spun around, searching for a way out. People were still pulling in me and the hopelessness started to move again.

     Just as I was about to give up, Miss McCone showed up, looking furious. Great, she was just what I needed. I covered my face, afraid she was going to scratch my eyes out. But she surprised me by grabbing my wrists, harder than this morning.

     “Move away or you will get detentions the rest of the year,” she said calmly to the ones closest to us. They moved quickly away, sending her hating glances as she pulled me with her. I tried to pull my wrist out of her grip, but she didn’t loosen it. As we reached the front door she finally spun around and let go of me. I stared at her in confusion that turned into disbelief as she started speaking.

     “I’ve thought about it and you’re right. It wasn’t right to do or say those things and… I’m sorry. From now on I will support you and Liam,” she said. Then she did something that nearly made my chin drop: she hugged me. I awkwardly patted her back. Finally she pulled away and smiled at me. Then she walked away and left me there, like a statue. In the same moment I heard a car honk. My attention flew to the parking lot and my eyes instantly found Lou’s R8. I waved and ran to his car, relieved to get away.

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