Impossible love (15+)

Ava is just like another Directioner, being so lucky to get to a One Direction concert. But her life changes drastically when she meets Liam Payne after the concert by an accident. Follow their hard way to the happy ending they wish for, but celebrity doesn't.


1. Unbelievable

Chapter 1


“End of discussion, Ava!” my mum yelled at me. I had asked her if she would consider buying three tickets to the One Direction concert next week, but as she always did when I mention them, she pissed off. “Fine” I said calmly; I was used to those outbreaks. Then I went to my room without another word.


Hi, I’m Ava Johnson, a 14 year old girl and a huge Directioner. That means I’m totally into One Direction; a band consisting of 5 boys. My favourite is Liam Payne and my biggest dream is to date him, but, as my friends say: “Forget it Ava! He’s 18 and you’re 14.” But I won’t give up on my dream.

     So, as I was just saying, my mum didn’t like my dedication. She said I was too obsessed, and too border after her taste and she practically forbid me to search or talk about them! God, I hate my mum some times. But, since they were giving concert in the town I live, which is this Liam’s hometown, Wolverhampton, I decided to give it a go… which was the wrong decision.

     I had two friends, Sarah and Lola, who were nearly as dedicated as me, so of course I wanted to go to the concert with them. Luckily I was a divorce kid, and totally Daddy’s little girl, so I called him; “Hi Daddy! I miss you really much!” I said, making my voice high and sweet.

“Hey baby girl! How are ya?” he said with his deep, husky voice. My dad was a great man. He was big and muscular, with a little beer tummy.

“I’m sad, Daddy. Mum won’t let me go to the One Direction concert next week.” I said, sounding like I was crying.

“Oh no sweetheart, listen, What about I buy you those tickets, huh?” he said.

“Thanks Daddy! Got to go, I love you. Bye!” I said and then hung up.


“Yes Lola. I know Lola. God dammit! Lola! Stop. Talking” I said. I had called Lola right after my phone call with Daddy, and she was making me crazy. She kept on and on about how awesome it was.

“So, your dad just said yes? Just like that? Oh my goodness! I have to tell Sarah” she said, and, like she always does, she hung up on me. I sighed and then started to decide what clothes to wear. I couldn’t believe I was going to see the boys in just a week!


No, I thought. Oh dear god no! Of course I didn’t have anything to wear. I always thought those girls, who had their whole dresser full of cool clothes, but always said they didn’t have anything to wear, were snobs and stuff, but now I really got what they mean.

     So meanwhile, when I was still looking, my mum came into my room. She had her apologetic face on, so I assumed she was going to say sorry, and as usual, I was right.

     “Honey, I didn’t mean to get so mad at you, but see if you can find a balance” she said. I could see she really meant it, so I hugged her.

     “Mum, it is okay. Uhm, I called Dad, and he offered to buy me three tickets” I said the last part fast, and readied myself for another hysterical attack, but it didn’t come.

     “That sounds good sweetie. Then I’ll call Lola and Sarah’s parents to make some safety rules” she said. I blinked at her in surprise and then hurled myself in her arms.

     “Oh thank you Mum!”

     “Now, clean this mess. Dinner’s ready in about a quarter. I’ll call them after dinner” she said and kissed me on my forehead.

     I just stood there, in total shock over my mum’s understanding, for what seemed like a couple of seconds, but probably lasted a couple of minutes or so. Then I got back to work. I took one look at the pile of clothes, and then agreed with myself, that it was probably best to buy some new.

     ‘Wat do u think? Shoppin’ or no shoppin’?’ I texted Lola; she was my biggest designer/stylist idol. Seriously, she had this huge walk-in closet with drawer after drawer with cute and cool clothes, and another with shoes! AND she made her very own clothes! She also had a little ‘salon’, as we call it, where she put on her make-up, which lies in three, three, drawers. Of course she wanted to be a designer, and a stylist, but since those two jobs don’t really get along, she was thinking about starting her own company. We backed her up, of course, but reminded her that she was only 14 – she had enough time to think about what she wanted to be!

     ‘Shoppin’. Definitely.’ I smiled at my phone; of course she would say that! She could always use new clothes. That’s the benefit of having rich parents, as she said.


As the evening came closer, my mum had talked to Lola and Sarah’s mums, and they had all agreed on a whole bunch of safety rules, of which she told us the next day, when they came over.

     “First, I want you to swear, that no matter what happens or what people says, and do not do drugs. Agreed? Good. Second, stick together. Then you won’t be lost, and if that happens anyways, you are there for each other to help. And last, no after-parties, no drinking and no sex.”

     When she said the last part, Lola, Sarah and I took one look at each other, and then burst into laughter! Oh my god! Did my mum actually think any of that would happen to us? Hilarious! But then we got one glimpse of my mum, and her expression was grimaced in worry. She was clearly not happy with letting us go on our own. When we realized that, we shut our mouths immediately.

     When an awkward silence appeared I cleared my throat, and looked at my mum whilst saying: “That sounds fine, Mum. We’ll remember that”. That seemed to cheer her up, because then she jumped up and started to hurl out her wallet, and found three hundred dollars.

     “Here you are. I assumed you were going out to buy some clothes and guessed you could use some money.”

     When we all started to object, and say that we didn’t need her money, she interrupted.

     “Kids, shut up. I’m willing to give you money, and that does not happen very often, so just take them and get out of here”. Her words could have sounded harsh, but her voice was gentle, and she was smiling. So we just said thank you and got out of the house.


When we got to the city, we went crazy. Not that sweet ‘Uh, that’s nice!’-crazy, but ‘I WANT THAT ONE!!!’-crazy. We ran through the street and stopped only at the most beloved stores in the whole city. Sarah, our happy screamer, went seriously crazy in the most expensive shop in town – and got kicked out too! We quickly went on and finally, got home with each hand filled with at least five bags.

     We practically fell through the door at Sarah’s house, but luckily her parents were there to steady us. We then ran upstairs to try everything on.

     I had bought a cute top with the Superman-mark on it, and some jeans to tug it into, a long black, plain necklace to put on, and matching earrings, rings and bracelets.  We all put on our clothes and practiced our expressions so that we could look super-hot when the boys would see us. I practically cried because I was laughing so hard! But at last we all had our faces – a kind of duck face, without it being too ugly, like those Botox-ladies’ faces.


Finally, one very long week later the day dawned! The whole week everything I pretty much spoke about was the concert – which I’m pretty sure is the reason for my D minus in Mr Wright’s class… Well, like I said, the day had dawned and I was panicking.

     “MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!! Where are my new clothes?! I swear, if you haven’t washed them yet, I’m gonna kill myself. Seriously,” I screamed at my mum, but as soon as I had, I realised how stupid it was.

     “Watch that tone, young lady. You know I will not tolerate that kind of words in my house,” she said, with a very stern look on her face.

     “Sorry Mum…” I muttered as I tiptoed from the washing room, my hands filled with the clothes she’d handed me. I got up to my room and starting texting: ‘Hey, comin’?’ I got butterflies, just thinking about the concert: I was going to see Liam, IN REAL LIFE! I couldn’t believe it! My phone made a bibbing-noise. I read Lola’s text: ‘course! 2 sec’. Soon after, Sarah texted me, basically the same thing.


Soon after we all were dressed and ready to go. My mum stood in the doorway, eyes red and puffy.

     “Oh, Mum, don’t cry! It’s only for tonight, and we will take the bus straight home,” I assured her. The girls giggled behind me. I turned to face them.

     “What is it?” I asked them. They shared a quick look and shook their shoulders. I gave them a questioning look and turned back to my mum.

     “Like I said, nothing is going to happen to us, so stop worrying!” I said and kissed her cheek before leaving the house with my friends.

     The ride into the city seemed to take forever. But luckily Sarah and Lola kept me company, so it wasn’t hard to have a good laugh over nothing. When we finally got there everything was full. We were so glad to have tickets to up front, because it seemed like everything was sold out. We walked up in line to get in, and waited for the doors to open.

     When they did I was shocked. I would never have imagined the chaos there would be; everyone were screaming, pushing and hitting, not caring about anyone but them. Not that I was any better than them. All I could think of was getting in to my future husband, and killing anyone who got in my way.

     Finally we were in, taking our places. Inside, the room was huge. There was a ginormous stage, right in front of us – we had front seats!!! Behind us, people gave us hating looks, and later we spoke about how awesome it was to feel those looks in our backs, to now that we were better set than them. But at the moment, everything I could think of was that in a few minutes, our beautiful boys would be on stage!

     A few minutes later, they came in. It all started as in their Up All Night Live Tour DVD – with a little film. When that was done, they actually came in, like, really came in. Louis in his usual clothes, Niall with his beautiful self, Zayn with his 6 centimetre tall hair and beautiful eyes, Harry with his dimples and last but very not least, Liam just as he was; perfect. They smiled at us, said a few words, and started on their songs. They sang their full Take Me Home album, in the right order. In the middle of ‘They Don’t Know About Us’, I kinda started crying; It was my favourite song, and every time I listened to it, I dreamt about it being me and Liam’s life – a secret relationship. Anyways, Liam came towards us while he was singing. I had heard about him taking girls’ phones, filming the boys, but I would never have imagined him taking mine, but he did. Liam James Payne walked towards me, saw me, saw me in the eyes with a questioning look. I smiled at him nodding absent, without knowing what I said yes to. And then he took my phone. Just like that. I’m pretty sure I still had my hand up, like I was still holding my phone, when he walked away, filming the lads. Beside me Lola and Sarah was screaming and crying on the same time, but I was speechless. He kept it in his hand, the whole concert through.


“OMG! Ava, Liam Payne held your phone! He actually touched it! Can you even believe it?!” Lola and Sarah were screaming at me, even though the concert was over and we were the only ones left.

     “I know Lola, just please calm down, I need to clear my head. Hey do you have my phone?” I said, searching my pockets. They looked at me with a very weird look on their faces.

     “You don’t have it?” they asked. I looked at them with a questioning look, and then I felt my eyes widen; he hadn’t given it back! Liam still had my phone. What was I going to do? We were too late for our bus and now Liam had my phone, and I had no idea where he was. Shit. Again they started screaming. I looked at them, making sure they could see my very annoyed grimace.  

     “Okay, no panic. Please, just wait here, he probably just gave it to a security guard, and took off. I’m gonna go get it, you guys wait here. Understand?” I told them. They nodded eagerly, so I turned and walked inside, where a guard was standing. When I saw it was Paul I had to bite my lip hard not to scream. I lifted my chin and did my best to look responsible and important.

     “Hello, has Liam left my phone here?” I asked him. He looked at my, smiled and shook his head before gently pushing me towards the door, telling me to go home. I stopped when I got out. I looked at the door, and then ran to the backstage door. Luckily it wasn’t locked, so I went in. It was dark and cold in there, but I kept on moving. I had figured that when I came in further there would be some light, but it just seemed to get darker.

     Ten minutes later or so I still hadn’t found anything or anyone. I stifled a sigh, considered giving up, when I bumped into something. Hard. I fell backwards with a bump. About a foot away I heard something falling too. Or should I say someone? I heard a shocked gasp and then a bump. I got up quickly, and hurried to the person in front of me.

     “Oh god, I’m so sorry, are you hurt?” I asked, and helped the person to his feet. I figured it was a Him because of his arm, which felt strong and guy-like. He also seemed taller than me, so I guessed I might have fallen into Paul. Shit.

     “No, I’m okay, I think… What about you?” he asked. I felt my chin drop. I knew that voice. I had walked right into Liam. That Liam.

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