Impossible love (15+)

Ava is just like another Directioner, being so lucky to get to a One Direction concert. But her life changes drastically when she meets Liam Payne after the concert by an accident. Follow their hard way to the happy ending they wish for, but celebrity doesn't.


8. The first time //WARNING: SEXUAL SCENE//

Chapter 8

”This tastes delicious, Karen,” I said and put another piece of roast beef into my mouth; roast beef had always been my favourite. We sat at the kitchen table with Karen and Geoff, Liam’s father. Liam’s sisters were also there; they had both decided to visit their parents. They both seemed really nice, though Nicole, the oldest, seemed a bit unsure about me. Well, who could blame her? Ironically, she was the one to find us in the room. We were still snogging when she entered the room. Neither I nor Liam had heard her, so when she cleared her throat we sat right up and we both turned tomato-red. Now she kept sending me those glances that made me want to disappear. Luckily Ruth seemed to like me.

     “I’m glad you like it, dear,” Karen sent me a true smile and continued eating.

     “So, Ava, what do you do?” Geoff asked. I hadn’t really spoken with him since I came, so I was shocked to hear him talk to me.

     “I go to secondary school and dance,” I said. Geoff looked at me with suspicious eyes.

     “Dance, huh? Are you trying to copy Danielle or something?” he said. I stopped chewing and stared at him. Oh no, he didn’t. I was just about to pick a fight with him when Liam interrupted.

     “No Dad, she just dances for fun. She has danced her whole life,” he said matter-of-factly. Geoff looked as if he was about to scold on him, but Karen came to his rescue.

     “Oh Geoff, let them be! Now, who wants dessert?” she smiled and stood up. We handed her our plates and she went to the kitchen. Liam stood up. I shot him an unhappy look; I didn’t want him to leave.

     “I’ll be back in a second, okay?” he assured me. I nodded and he went to the kitchen after his mother. We sat in silence, while Nicole and Geoff sent me hating glares. At least Ruth smiled at me on occasions.

     After a couple of minutes, Liam and Karen returned. Liam was carrying a tray with some ice and two plates and some chocolate-sauce.

     “I thought we could eat this at my room,” he said, but his eyes said: Let’s get outta here before ma’ dad kills us! I smiled at him and stood up.

     “Thank you very much for the delicious dinner, Karen,” I said and hurried to Liam’s side. Together we walked to his room and I carefully closed the door behind us.




“Your family hates me,” I groaned. We sat on the bed and turned on the television. He got up and opened one of his drawers.

     “Babe, don’t worry. My mum loves you,” he said and held up a DVD. “Have you ever watched this one?” he asked me. I narrowed my eyes; I hadn’t brought my glasses as brilliant as I was, only my contact lenses. Liam laughed a bit at me. “What are you doing?” he asked me.

     “I have terrible eyes,” I said, “so I can’t see anything clearly more than a foot away.”

     “Really? I didn’t know,” he said and moved closer, still holding the DVD. As he got closer I was able to see the words, slightly. It was Toy Story, the first. I smiled; every Directioner knew it was Liam’s favourite movie. But I had actually never seen it.

     “No, never,” I said. Liam dropped his chin and stared wide-eyed at me like I’d just fallen from the sky.

     “You… You have never watched Toy Story. Wow, I cannot believe this. I am dating a girl, who has never, in her whole life watched Toy Story. It’s like…” he continued talking until I got up and grabbed the DVD from his hands. He had been so occupied speaking he hadn’t seen me coming, so it wasn’t hard for me to just snatch the disc into the DVD-player. When he caught up with his brain he was quickly by my side.

     “I just figured I would rather see the movie before you started bawling,” I said and kissed his cheek. He glared meanly at me, and I laughed; Liam could be mean, not ever! So his mean look just looked silly with his warm eyes. Soon he cracked up laughing too and he helped me start the movie. As the movie started, Liam walked to the bed. I watched him, not having any specific reason… I just really loved to watch him. He sat at the bed and removed his computer and book. Then he laid down and made space for me beside him.

     “Coming, love?” he asked, patting the space next to him. I didn’t answer; I just looked at his face, his beautiful, mature face. Great… I could just as well get this over with. “Anything wrong, dear?” Liam asked, pulling himself up on his elbows.

     “Actually there is. Or, I don’t know if there is. It’s just…” I started off. Distantly I walked to the bad at sat at the end of it. Liam also got up and sat beside me. He took my hand in his and looked me straight in the eyes.

     “Ava, whatever it is, you can tell me. I promise,” he assured me. I tried to smile at him, but it turned out as a grimace. He gave me a reassuring squeeze, and I took a deep breath.

     “Am I too young for you?” I blurted out. I studied Liam’s face as several emotions ran over it. First surprise, then relieve and then confusion.

     “What?” he asked me. I looked at our entwined hands as I answered, too embarrassed to look in his eyes.

     “Ell told me about the magazine that had commented on it, and then there’s my mum. She keeps telling me not to get physical with you. She wouldn’t if I was your age! And did you see your mum’s face when she caught us kissing? I bet she didn’t look that surprised when she saw you and Danielle the first time,” I blabbered. Liam had his forehead wrinkled as he tried to keep up with my brain. Well, good luck with that. Even I couldn’t keep up with my brain…

     I waited patiently as he took in what I had said. As he understood he relaxed and let out a long breath.

     “Was that it? Oh God, Ava! You scared me,” he said and leaned in to kiss me, but I put my hand on his chest.

     “What do you mean by that? It’s something I’m really worried about,” I said and blushed. Liam sighed and put his face in is hands.

     “Look, babe. My mother would freak out no matter who it was. And actually she was looking that surprised the first time I had Danielle with me home. She’s 4 years older, remember?” he mumbled into his palms. I was aware that this annoyed him, but I didn’t care. I needed to feel like I was what he really wanted, not just some back-up girl. “And your mum… She would also freak out about your first boyfriend. She would talk to you about the bee and the flower and your limits. Don’t you think she would be freaked even if it was someone at your own age? She would. I’m sure of it. So, don’t you worry about that. The press… That is what we should worry about. They will try to break us up in so many different ways,” he said. I felt my blood freeze to ice; that could never happen! I wouldn’t let it happen! “But I won’t let that happen! Believe me, I won’t. I really, really care about you Ava, and they won’t be able to stop that,” he said firmly. I stared wide-eyed at him, taking in every word. I couldn’t believe the side I was seeing of him. He was furious at the press, it was so obvious! Slowly he lifted his head from his palms and looked me straight in the eyes. “Never.” That was all it took. I lifted myself and hurled myself at him, literally. My lips found his, and I felt him stiffen from the sudden movement, but he soon relaxed and kissed me back. He lay down on his back, never breaking the contact of our lips. I separated my legs so I was kinda sitting on him. Soon the kiss got more intimate and I felt his tongue on my lips. I opened my mouth just enough to let him in and then the fight for dominance began. It was a bit weird; it wasn’t awkward at all. I had always thought that it must be awkward to have another person’s tongue in my mouth – a bit gross – but it wasn’t. Not at all! He won the dominance – big surprise, huh – and started playing with my tongue. I played along, enjoying every bit of it.

     Soon I felt his hands on my thighs, at the end of my dress. He found an entrance and he lifted the dress a bit up, in a questioning way, as if to ask if it was okay. I separated our lips and lifted my body just enough to let him slip it over my head so I was now only wearing my underwear and leggings. I bend down again and continued where we were. My hands flew from his hair to his shirt and started unbuttoning his buttons. He lifted his back a bit, without breaking our kiss, and grabbed the little opening I had made and tore the shirt open. Buttons flew everywhere and landed noisily everywhere. I wondered for a second if his parents heard, but when I felt his abs on my palms I soon forgot everything about parents – his and my own. Wow, those abs were amazing. I broke the kiss to study him and he used the opportunity to pull my leggings down my knees and I rolled onto my side and kicked them off completely. I secretly saluted myself for shaving my legs and vagina. I didn’t usually shave me there, but after our hot making-out scene when we had just started dating I didn’t know when this would happen, so I just started.

     “You’re so beautiful,” Liam whispered with a voice raw with lust. He lay on his side, watching my half naked body. I smiled and grabbed his neck and pushed him down towards me. He kissed my lips so softly you couldn’t call it a kiss and moved down towards my neck and further down. His kiss moved down to my breasts and his hands lifted me up in a sitting position and moved one of his hands to my bra and opened it without problems. Automatically my hands flew to my breasts; I had always been embarrassed of my breasts. They weren’t very big and didn’t look like my friends’. Liam lifted his face and wrinkled his brows. “What’s the matter?” he asked me softly. I looked away, embarrassed.

     “I’m not that pretty,” I mumbled. Liam bent down and kissed my forehead.

     “You’re right. You’re perfect,” he said and moved his hands to mine and moved them to the back of his head. Then he grabbed the strops of my bra and carefully pulled it off and took my hands in his again and lifted slightly away from me. He looked at my body while smiling. “You are beautiful, my love,” he said and bent down to kiss my lips. I couldn’t help smiling as he moved the kisses further down. As he approached my breasts he kissed each of them and then moved up to my lips again.

     My hands found his pants and I pulled slightly in them. He lifted his head and looked at me, his forehead wrinkled.

     “Are you sure you want to do this now?” he asked softly, playing with a lock of my hair.

     “I want you, all of you,” I said and pulled in his pants again. He smiled and kissed my lips quickly in happiness before he opened his pants and threw them off. It was obvious he was turned on; his boner was very visible in his batman boxers. I grinned at him. “Batman?” I teased him.

     “Had I known this would happen I would have changed,” he assured me. I laughed and pulled softly in his neck. He bent down again and kissed me passionately. I could hear him moan in the back of his throat. He touched the edge of my thong and I pulled them down quickly, without breaking the contact between us. His fingers found my opening and started moving in circles on my clit. I moaned and broke the contact by leaning my head back in the bed. I had my eyes closed but I could feel Liam move and soon I felt something way bigger than his fingers on my thigh. I opened my eyes and first found Liam’s eyes; they were filled with lust and happiness. I moved my gaze further down his now completely naked body and found his penis. It wasn’t as gross as I had imagined a penis would be. I had never really seen one. I mean, I had seen one on TV and in sexual class, but this was way different. I moved my hand down to it and felt it. It felt very stiff and hot. Liam moaned and threw his head back. I removed my hand and separated my legs a bit more. He moved on top of me and led his limb to my vagina. I focused on relaxing in my muscles as I felt it approach my opening. He pushed it in slowly and I gasped from the sharp pain. He stopped and waited for me to relax again.

     As I gained control over my muscles again, he pushed it further up. I felt tears forming and start rolling down my temples.

     “Should I stop?” he asked understandingly, but it was getting better, I could feel that. It wasn’t as bad anymore, so I shook my head. He nodded and started moving up and down. I started to feel the pleasure form in my body and I moaned. The tears had stopped and I really started to enjoy. He started moving faster, moans escaping his lips. We became sweatier and I could see drops of sweat forming all over his body and face. I lifted my head and while pushing his further down until our lips met in a passionate kiss.

     The pleasure started to become greater and I felt him going faster. I started to gasp in pleasure and my hands grabbed the roots of his hair. He also started gasping and he slowed down. Soon I felt the pleasure become almost unbearable and I felt like I wanted to scream. I watched his face and he looked like he was thinking the exact same. Then the unbearable pleasure resolved and I relaxed. He fell down beside me and blew out a deep breath.

     “Wow,” he said. “That was amazing.” I smiled and lay my head in the opening between his neck and shoulder. He turned his head and kissed my forehead. “I love you,” he said. I felt my eyes widen and I pulled myself up on my elbow.

     “What?” I asked a bit confused. Did he just say what I think he did? He smiled at me.

     “You heard me. I love you,” he said and blushed.

     “Oh Liam! I love you too. So much,” I said and kissed him.



Hey guys, sorry it's not as long as usually, but I felt like it was tíme to refresh the story.

I've done my best with the sexual scene and I'm pretty satisfied with it, but I would love to hear your comments! I don't really know a lot about sex, so I just gave it a shot...

Love ya'all! <3

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